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Thrive Managed Services
for Salesforce & MuleSoft

What You Need, When You Need It

What is Managed Services?

Managed Services is a flexible, cost-controlled program that gives your company access to a team of consultants with expertise in all areas of Salesforce® and MuleSoft®. Services, from basic admin to custom development and analytics to integrations, are delivered based on your needs, timelines and budget. AdVic® begins with a discovery session where we learn about your business and current technology to create a strategic managed services plan that solves your challenges and advances your business, all with your future in mind.

Managed Services

When Single and Multi-Cloud Managed Services Makes Sense

  • “Our team just doesn’t have the bandwidth to support our needs, we need help but can’t hire.”
  • “When new releases come out, we’re not sure which features we should use - or how to implement.”
  • “We’ve had Salesforce® for years and need a review and optimization of our code.”
  • “Now that we have lots of data, we need help with data analysis and reporting.”
  • “Security is a top priority, we want to make sure we aren’t at risk.”
  • “We need a strategic roadmap to enhance our system and prepare for our next business initiative.”
Managed Services for Salesforce

The Power of Managed Services for Salesforce & MuleSoft

  • Strategic Roadmapping & Best Practices
  • Administrative & Adoption Services
  • Process Improvement & Issue Resolution
  • Data Analytics
  • Org Restructuring & System Integration
  • AppExchange App Management
  • New Feature Releases, Security Alerts/Updates

Keeping Business in Motion

Managed Services Program Benefits

Predictable Cost Control

With a Managed Services Program (MSP), data and technology costs can be neatly packaged into a set amount paid monthly or annually. Minimum contract is 40 hours/week for 6 months.

Grow as Intended

The price tag associated with an in-house data and technology team is big, and that’s why teams are understaffed, overworked, and unable to get everything done. An MSP extends your team removing productivity bottlenecks.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

If your internal team is swamped with helping users fix basic issues or dealing with systems malfunctions, they don’t have the time or focus to work on projects that push your business forward. An MSP frees up your team for pursuits that are more crucial to your business.

Wide-Ranging Knowledge

Even the most well-trained employees don’t have the knowledge and experience of an MSP’s large team. An MSP fills knowledge gaps by giving you access to a team of experts with the precise skills you need to conquer any new initiative.

Data Compliance

A managed services provider handles the complexities of compliance and auditing, so you don’t have to worry about violating data security regulations. This can save your in-house team thousands of hours in the long run.

Forget Training

An MSP absorbs the cost of training, and you’ll never have to worry about your team jumping ship.

AdVic has excelled at adapting to their client's work style. They provide value in every meeting that is scheduled and make sure they are continuously re-prioritizing work to meet an ever-changing cycle of business requests. They are creative, well staffed and adaptive to everything we throw at them.
Andrew Vocaire,
Director of Digital Transformation, Ravago

It’s Time to Thrive

Thriving businesses are agile, scalable, and continually innovate to serve their customers. Based on industry best practices and the latest Salesforce® and MuleSoft® advancements, our Managed Services Program keeps your cloud-based software in alignment with your processes and goals – often at a lower cost than one employee – so your business can thrive.

Expert Level Thrive Managed Services Team

Skilled, certified team with wide ranging experiences in various industries.


Deliver tailored solutions that solve your challenges, and create new opportunities.


Your Salesforce and MuleSoft consulting team is always available – your project doesn’t stop because somebody goes on vacation.


Our monthly reports and weekly calls keep you abreast of each milestone and clearly communicate your projects’ status.


Monthly package options – we provide the type of services you need when you need them, and if you don’t, your unused hours roll over to the next month.


Earning the Salesforce Managed Service Expert Level verifies that AdVic is one of the most experienced and capable Managed Services partners that meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Thrive Managed Services for Salesforce and MuleSoft help your business flourish. We Turn Problems Into Solutions.