The Project That Became a Partnership

The Project That Became a Partnership

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The FLUX Pumps name has been synonymous with pump technology for more than 70 years. It was the invention of the first electric drum pump that sparked the creation of the company. Since its inception, FLUX, headquartered in the beautiful black forest region of southern Germany, has grown to employ more than 150 highly skilled men and women worldwide, established seven wholly-owned subsidiaries, and maintains sales partnerships in more than 70 countries.

One of those wholly owned subsidiaries, FLUX Pumps Corporation North America, anchored in Georgia, services the United States, Canada and Mexico, and began working with Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic®) in early 2015 (our second customer!) and remains a top customer today as one of our Managed Services partners.

Initial Projects

The FLUX Pumps team was made up of nine members that served approximately 3,000 distributors. Their process of communications and customer relations was nonexistent, yet they were about to send out invoices. Their process was manual, complex and outdated. Technology was not incorporated into it. Reps used scanners and business cards that were stored in shoe boxes as their CRM.

AdVic’s initial project was to implement a necessary Salesforce Sales Cloud solution. From this, FLUX Pumps’ sales cycle was cut in half. They were awarded efficiency, visibility, and automation with their introductory digital transformation. FLUX achieved great milestones that included doubled conversions, a 20% increase in revenue, and a way to nurture leads that turned into customers.

With technology that empowered reps, AdVic® has helped FLUX Pumps become leaders in their field.

In addition to the success of the Sales Cloud, we helped implement Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as a way to drive new business. FLUX Pumps uses marketing automation to send monthly emails to customers. Prior to this technology, they were only able to communicate with a small fraction of customers.

FLUX North American Former President, Pete Fujimoto, expressed his excitement and satisfaction with AdVic this way: “Opportunities increased for us by 50% in the first year. We used to get 10 opportunities a month, now we’re getting 20 or more.” And Pete admitted, at the time, that they are still in their infancy with their AdVic/Salesforce solution: “There is more and more that we can do to grow.”

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Partnership Extends Across the Pond

AdVic’s relationship continued with FLUX’s Germany team to create one-directional and bi-directional syncs. With this integration, their team moved from working in two systems, to just Salesforce®. On a nightly basis, contacts and opportunity line items are transferred between systems. On a shorter sync, products and opportunities are created and transferred every five minutes.

Before the integration, their U.S. team swiveled between systems, and used their team in Germany to gain information. Now, all of their data is in Salesforce and all teams have immediate access.

During the time of the integration, AdVic consulted FLUX on the best fit solutions possible. We listened carefully to their needs as to what information required to be exchanged between systems to ensure maximum efficiency on the first shot.

Syncs were tested every other day up until the official go live.

In addition to this integration, we also built-out a method for dynamically adding and removing fields to the integration. Users with admin access had the ability to go into the setup object to configure the integration without the use of code. This empowered their team to change their org whenever needed.

“To this day we still meet weekly with Ad Victoriam to think and explore more solutions. We work together. This is not a project; this is a relationship. They are not a vendor; they are a true partner who took the time to know our business. That is why we have continually worked with them for more than four years. The Ad Victoriam team finds a way to work within our system and makes things happen; they know solutions based on their knowledge of our business and are positive, creative, and supportive in every way. We always feel valued.” – FLUX Pumps

Our Present Partnership

Today, AdVic’s long-standing relationship with FLUX has morphed into a Managed Services partnership, whereby AdVic continues to enhance their Salesforce platform so it always fits their needs. FLUX is equipped with technology that grows and transforms with business, and they are assured that they can continue to connect and communicate with their customers on one unified platform and never miss a beat.

Thriving businesses are agile, scalable, and continually innovate to serve their customers. Based on industry best practices and the latest Salesforce and MuleSoft® advancements, AdVic’s Salesforce and MuleSoft Managed Services Program keeps your cloud-based software in alignment with your processes and goals – often at a lower cost than one employee – so your business can thrive. Let’s talk about ways your business can start thriving today!

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