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Good Solutions for the World. Ad Victoriam Solutions.

"We are excited to join together with other Certified B Corporations who strive to create a better world for their employees, community, clients and environment, the way we do at Ad Victoriam Solutions. There is power in numbers. With more than 2,300 B Corporations donating their time, talents and resources, we can, together, increase our impact and truly be a force for good."  Jeff Jones, President

Arm Vet Salesforce Charity

Charity is His Middle Name

Some people give back. And some people—like Daniel Mulkey—give back a lot. Daniel, an Army Veteran who completed a tour in Afghanistan, continues his passion to serve others in his home state of Georgia. This year already, Daniel has organized multiple charity events to raise money for social causes. Here ...
Businesses with a Purpose

Purpose-Driven Businesses, For Real

While many companies tout their goodness, only a bit more than 2,500 have committed, on paper and in practice, to truly be a purpose-driven business. About 140 of the 2,500 globally-based Certified B Corporations joined together in Amsterdam last week to inspire, share and educate each other on best practices ...
Todd Bike Charity

Mountains to the Sea: Cycling for Charity

Three days. 180 miles. From the mountains to the sea for charity. Todd Giddens rode in the 34th annual Trek Across Maine to help raise more than $900,000 for the American Lung Association (ALA). ALA is a non-profit organization that funds research for lung diseases including lung cancer, COPD and ...
AVS Nashville Team B Corp

Nashville Team Supports Conservancy

Being part of something bigger than yourself gives meaning and multiplies social impact. While we work hard at Ad Victoriam to provide Salesforce Consulting services to our clients, it’s not the only thing we have on our minds. Our Nashville-based team joined forces for good this weekend by volunteering at ...
B Summit B Corp

B Summit: We’re Thrilled (You Should Be Too)

The countdown is on!  In less than two weeks, Ad Victoriam will attend the Global B Corp Summit in beautiful Amsterdam!  Our consulting team has spent many hours walking trade show floors, but this B Corp conference will be a different experience. B Corporations focus on purpose rather than profit, ...
Improving Salesforce CRM Utilization

Improving Salesforce CRM Utilization

100 Fold Studio is a nonprofit architecture firm providing affordable and innovative design services to charitable organizations around the world. They empower architects, designers, and other professionals to design safe, efficient, and inspiring structures in developing countries for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity or tradition. David Litton, the 2017 Top ...
BCorp with Salesforce CRM Analyst

“You Change the World by Being Yourself”

Nancy Behrend, an Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce CRM Analyst, is doing exactly what Yoko Ono said, being herself. After Hurricane Irma left a wake of destruction in its path last August, a light emerged. The storm inspired Nancy and a group of almost 39 other caring women to donate food ...
Ad Victoriam Solutions

Ad Victoriam Supports Smart Lunch, Smart Kid

For those of us who are fortunate, having food in our pantry isn’t something we worry about. We are hungry, so we eat. For us, it is that simple. Unfortunately, it is not so simple for the nearly 1 million children in the Georgia schools who receive free or reduced-price ...
Volunteering for Hear of Champion

The Heart and Character of a Champion

Pastor Tim Adcox’s lifelong calling is to build the character and hearts in young athletes. Professional athletes become role models for the young — idolized and emulated. Unfortunately, due to poor choices, some professional athletes are not positive youth role models. Pastor Adcox believes that if we educate young elite ...

In addition to doing good for the world, our Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce Consultants work as a dedicated, innovative team of problem solvers, taking on your technology challenges. We are Salesforce cloud and data consultants who customize our approach to suit your processes for increased efficiency, accelerated productivity and scalability. Contact us to learn how we can help your business flourish.