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Enterprise & Alliance Partnerships

AdVic® is a consulting firm that specializes in cloud technologies and provides extensive business intelligence services to clients across various industries. Our team of Salesforce® and MuleSoft® experts collaborate with product innovators to create cutting-edge strategies that deliver superior results to businesses.

Enterprise Partners

Enterprise Partners


Salesforce is the No. 1 CRM for end-to-end business automation. Our team of consultants are as passionate about working on the platform as they are skilled. We’ll craft your strategic roadmap based on an in-depth discovery, then provide all of the services needed to propel your business’ growth. And we’ll do it quickly and professionally while surpassing your expectations.


MuleSoft provides one of the world’s leading integration platforms for building application networks that connect enterprise apps, data, and devices in the cloud and on-premise. MuleSoft fuels customers growth through connectivity by unlocking data from all of their systems—legacy IT software, cloud apps, mobile devices, and IoT. Customers benefit from:

  • 360-degree Customer View
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Resilient Operations
  • Enterprise Data Management

Alliance Partners


For more information visit Balance

For more information visit Avalara


For more information visit Logik

For more information visit Conga


For more information visit SpecRight

For more information visit Pimly

Alliance Partners

For more information, visit Avalara

For more information, visit Balance

For more information, visit Conga

For more information, visit Logik

For more information, visit Pimly

For more information, visit SpecRight

With the explosion of disparate technologies today, connecting them all quickly and efficiently is the key to gaining a competitive edge. Through its partnership with MuleSoft, Ad Victoriam enables customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate their pace of business.
Brent Hayward,
Senior Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances, MuleSoft