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Data Solutions

Powerful Data in Your Hands

Conquer Your Data Challenges


  • Connect to Salesforce® and data source
  • Map fields between systems and customize to your needs
  • Clean up Names, Emails, Addresses, and Phone Numbers

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  • Connect to Salesforce and data source
  • Map fields between systems and customize to your needs
  • Determine new and updated records to speed up process

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  • Provide templates catered to Salesforce Contacts for user input
  • Using templates, deduplicate and load Contacts into Salesforce


  • Clean up invalid characters in Contact fields
  • Remove invalid data

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  • Identify duplicates
  • Merge data into identified master record
  • Delete duplicates

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  • Use processes built to convert to Salesforce required format

Meticulous Data Specialists Drive Results

Since your business, customers and products generate vast amounts of data, it’s time to go beyond merely collecting information. It’s time to generate insights that drive better results for your organization today and in the years to come.

You need comprehensive data solutions including multi-cloud integrations, migrations, and analytics that control costs, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences. Ad Victoriam gets you the data – in a comprehensible and usable format – so you can harness its power to propel your business.

Salesforce Data Solutions

Data Integration Provides 360-degree View

Data integration isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It is influenced by the systems involved, your business needs, and of course, the data itself. If you have multiple systems, or you have complex data, our integration specialists will generate value from your data with a customized strategy, and in multi-cloud situations – even on a tight timeline.

We started our work with Ad Victorium in order to implement some much-needed projects within our Salesforce instance; their team have been nothing short of fantastic to work with. AdVic was able to take an idea and run with it, while setting appropriate expectations with their clients, so all parties are on the same page throughout an entire sprint. The AdVic group is also very flexible, with an ability to pivot to emergency projects quickly without hesitation.
Trevor Elliott,
ZEON Chemicals

We carefully devise centralized data systems, ensuring quality issues are identified and necessary improvements are implemented, which ultimately results in more accurate and comprehensive data in your hands.

Data Migration Process

We Simplify the Complexities of Data Migration

Ad Victoriam’s data migration specialists help businesses successfully move their data to better navigate the digital landscape and create strategic solutions that deliver measurable business results securely and efficiently. Our dedicated team’s expertise guides you every step of the way through your smooth Salesforce solution.

AdVic Completes Customer Data Migration in Just Two Months

Clarity Through Analytics

Most businesses don’t have a data analytics strategy – leaving key insights necessary for smart decisions in the abyss. Be among the few. Let Ad Victoriam will develop a roadmap resulting in the implementation of a full-scale data strategy so you can:

Understand Your Customers

Data allows you to profile your ideal customers and dialogue with them so that you can better understand their needs and desires.

Unlock Valuable Insights

Gain a competitive advantage by using data to discover growth opportunities, find ways to boost performance and more.

Tailor Your Message

From personalizing website content and design to restructuring your marketing, data gives you the information you need to customize your brand.

AdVic Data Analytics
Minimize Your Risk

Predictive analytics through a data solution can alert you to take action before industry and company developments catch you unprepared.

Secure Your Data

Map your entire data landscape in order to identify potential internal and external threats and safeguard sensitive company data.

Generate Revenue Streams

The insights you acquire through data can allow you to create entirely new segments within your industry's revenue stream.

Happy Client

"Outstanding partner! They take the time to really learn your business. With this knowledge their recommendations and suggestions feel relevant and match our business and our processes."

- Gretchen Sperow, Neill Corp

Want Clean, Clear, and Comprehensive Data in Your Hands?