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Salesforce Implementation Increases Productivity

Salesforce Increases Productivity by 20%

One way to make travel wishes a reality is through the purchasing of timeshares, which allow people to own a share of a unit within a vacation resort. A leading travel company in the timeshare space, has delivered memorable experiences for more than 30 years. They have a strong platform for resort network growth and ... Read more
Ad Victoriam Joins Pledge 1%

Ad Victoriam Joins Pledge 1%

Ad Victoriam Pledges 1% of their services and employee time to improve communities around the world. Atlanta, November 26, 2018 – Ad Victoriam Solutions announced that it has joined Pledge 1%, a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. Spearheaded by Atlassian, Rally, Salesforce and Tides, Pledge 1% ... Read more
Brian Mize Ad Victoriam Solutions

We Are More Than Our Job

Our jobs often define us, providing us with an identity and a purpose beyond ourselves. We are given the opportunity to belong to something bigger than ourselves; to be a part of a collective effort in many cases, driven with a vision and a goal of improvement. Sure, we may find our deeper identity in ... Read more
Salesforce Lightning Productivity Enhancers-min

Salesforce Lightning: Top Productivity Features

Productivity is important to all businesses, especially those with limited human and financial resources. Here are a ton of Salesforce Lightning features that propel productivity. Let’s get right to it! Make Your Homepage More Actionable Rich text areas provide a place for admins to quickly and easily share information with their end users. Approval items ... Read more

Charity & Salesforce: A Dream Come True

Working in the Salesforce ecosystem, you come across many inspiring stories. Meaghan Bookers’s story is one of them. Before stumbling across Salesforce, she spent 6 months living in India as a volunteer and the year after, she taught in an alternative school for at-risk students in Colorado. Take a moment to hear about how Meaghan’s ... Read more
On Button Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning: What to do Before You Switch

Our three-part Lightning Experience series continues with things to consider before you push the switch button. In part-one, we shared four reasons why switching makes sense for growing businesses. Now that you are thinking about switching, there are things you need to consider before your push that button. Find Out if You’re Ready for Salesforce ... Read more
Salesforce Lightning over skyscraper (1)

Why Business Leaders are Switching to Lightning

There’s a lot of excitement (and questions) around switching to Salesforce Lightning from Classic. Is switching to Lightning worth your time and resources? This is the first of three articles we’ve written as part of our Lightning Experience series to help you decide and prepare. Let’s get started with four reasons why switching to the ... Read more
Salesforce Integration Propels Productivity

Salesforce Integration Propels Productivity

The Disciple Training School (DTS), deep in the heart of paradise, in Kona, Hawaii, which trains future missionaries, reached out to Ad Victoriam Solutions (AVS) to help their non-profit connect their systems and increase their efficiencies. Known as leaders in the field of integrating disconnected systems and streamlining processes, we dispatched a team of three ... Read more
Purpose-Driven B Corp Quote

B Corp Retreat: Purpose-Driven Mission Complete

Furthering our B Corp purpose-driven mission to be a force for good, Ad Victoriam joined other Certified B Corporations in New Orleans to further our purpose-driven mission to be a force for good and to accomplish three goals. We’ve returned and hope the following wisdom we experienced inspires you to consider joining the movement to ... Read more
B Corp Retreat

We’re Excited: B Corp is Going to B-ourbon Street

Our team is on their way to the B Corp Champion Retreat in New Orleans! Why? We returned from the B Summit with an abundance of new inspiring information that we just have to attend the retreat too. Here’s what we plan to share when we return: Growing B Corp in Georgia Our main goal is ... Read more
Email Marketing

Pardot Email Marketing: Keep More Subscribers

Acquiring and keeping email subscribers is a top email marketing goal. It’s a good thing that Pardot can help! Leverage Pardot’s Email Preference Center so you can keep more subscribers. Read how! Ways Pardot’s Helps You Keep more Email Subscribers Keep Your Email Subscribers. The Email Preference Center allows your email subscribers to manage their ... Read more
Manufacturing Facility CRM Strategy

CRM Strategies Streamline Manufacturing Operations

We all know that shrimp goes with grits, snow goes with winter, and butter goes with popcorn. But at one corporation, there was no such synergy. The problem was, North America’s largest manufacturer of equipment pads and a leading manufacturer for the HVACR industry had to find a way to sync their Canadian-based operations with ... Read more
Arm Vet Salesforce Charity

Charity is His Middle Name

Some people give back. And some people—like Daniel Mulkey—give back a lot. Daniel, an Army Veteran who completed a tour in Afghanistan, continues his passion to serve others in his home state of Georgia. This year already, Daniel has organized multiple charity events to raise money for social causes. Here are just a few examples. ... Read more
Sales Data to Cloud Post

Data Mining to Predict Marketing Success

You are a lot of different things. You may be a college graduate. You may be a parent. You may be single or married. You may own a home or rent an apartment. There are countless pieces of information that make up YOU—the list is long. And, in the data world, those descriptors are points ... Read more
Businesses with a Purpose

Purpose-Driven Businesses, For Real

While many companies tout their goodness, only a bit more than 2,500 have committed, on paper and in practice, to truly be a purpose-driven business. About 140 of the 2,500 globally-based Certified B Corporations joined together in Amsterdam last week to inspire, share and educate each other on best practices and successful initiatives. Ad Victoriam ... Read more
Customer Loyalty Salesforce Service Cloud

Customer Loyalty Increases Revenue: Tools for Success

The clothing I purchased online was beautiful. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size. I wanted to return the shirts, but there was no return label inside the package. (Hmmm?) Strike one. I waited on customer service hold for about 8 minutes and was told they could only mail me a return label. (What?) Strike two. ... Read more
Todd Bike Charity

Mountains to the Sea: Cycling for Charity

Three days. 180 miles. From the mountains to the sea for charity. Todd Giddens rode in the 34th annual Trek Across Maine to help raise more than $900,000 for the American Lung Association (ALA). ALA is a non-profit organization that funds research for lung diseases including lung cancer, COPD and asthma. “I have always been ... Read more
AVS Nashville Team B Corp

Nashville Team Supports Conservancy

Being part of something bigger than yourself gives meaning and multiplies social impact. While we work hard at Ad Victoriam to provide Salesforce Consulting services to our clients, it’s not the only thing we have on our minds. Our Nashville-based team joined forces for good this weekend by volunteering at the Musicians Corner in Centennial ... Read more
B Summit B Corp

B Summit: We’re Thrilled (You Should Be Too)

The countdown is on!  In less than two weeks, Ad Victoriam will attend the Global B Corp Summit in beautiful Amsterdam!  Our consulting team has spent many hours walking trade show floors, but this B Corp conference will be a different experience. B Corporations focus on purpose rather than profit, so the B Corp Summit ... Read more
Salesforce Integration Customer Story

Salesforce Lightning Improves Data Visibility

It wasn’t the first time it had happened. A team from one division of a leading provider of regulatory and compliance solutions for the finance industry, went to see a major client. As the team members waited for the meeting to start, the meeting before theirs ended and the participants walked out of the conference ... Read more
Hi Rez Logo Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud Enriches Experiences

When Hi-Rez Studios, one of the fastest-growing video game developers in the country, came to Ad Victoriam Solutions, it had two main goals: to improve its customer service experience for current players and to boost its marketing efforts to increase long-term player engagement. Both objectives were ambitious, as Hi-Rez boasts more than 40 million players ... Read more
Improving Salesforce CRM Utilization

Improving Salesforce CRM Utilization

100 Fold Studio is a nonprofit architecture firm providing affordable and innovative design services to charitable organizations around the world. They empower architects, designers, and other professionals to design safe, efficient, and inspiring structures in developing countries for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity or tradition. David Litton, the 2017 Top Salesforce Influencer of the Year, ... Read more
BCorp with Salesforce CRM Analyst

“You Change the World by Being Yourself”

Nancy Behrend, an Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce CRM Analyst, is doing exactly what Yoko Ono said, being herself. After Hurricane Irma left a wake of destruction in its path last August, a light emerged. The storm inspired Nancy and a group of almost 39 other caring women to donate food and supplies to their Florida ... Read more
Ad Victoriam Solutions

Ad Victoriam Supports Smart Lunch, Smart Kid

For those of us who are fortunate, having food in our pantry isn’t something we worry about. We are hungry, so we eat. For us, it is that simple. Unfortunately, it is not so simple for the nearly 1 million children in the Georgia schools who receive free or reduced-price meals. During the school breaks ... Read more
Volunteering for Hear of Champion

The Heart and Character of a Champion

Pastor Tim Adcox’s lifelong calling is to build the character and hearts in young athletes. Professional athletes become role models for the young — idolized and emulated. Unfortunately, due to poor choices, some professional athletes are not positive youth role models. Pastor Adcox believes that if we educate young elite athletes, they can become lifelong ... Read more
BCorp Run for Charity

55 Miles for Charity

Running doesn’t appeal to everyone. I am one of those people. When I ran my first, and only 3K, the words that resonated in my head were, “why am I doing this again?” But, I am now inspired by our Ad Victoriam Solutions team member and B Corp project champion, Nathan Stuck, who is a ... Read more
big data vs better data

Big Data Analytics: Why More Data Isn’t Always the Answer

The more the merrier. Bigger is always better. Go big or go home. You’ve heard the sayings. But when it comes to data analytics, these cliches aren’t always the case. Especially with big data. There’s almost certainly gold mines of data for you to uncover. But when you have a lot of data to manage, your ... Read more

nfant© Feeding Solution was Nominated for the Impact Pediatrics Award

Successfully feeding a baby isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, it’s a complex skill that infants learn after they are born. It is surprising to many that infants, up to 70% of premature infants and 10% of infants born full term, struggle with feeding. The brain of a premature baby is not fully ... Read more

AVS’ David Litton Named a Top Salesforce Influencer 2017

Being named a Top Salesforce Influencer of the Year is no small feat. That’s why Ad Victoriam Solutions is proud to announce that this title now belongs to one of our own: solutions architect extraordinary David Litton! As one of our talented team members, Litton daily demonstrates his ability to successfully leverage Salesforce to benefit ... Read more

4 Deeply Insightful Salesforce Metrics Your Company Should Be Using

Businesses that are able to maximize efficiency – accomplishing the most tasks with the least amount of resources (namely time and money) – generally come out on top. And data and analytics metrics provided by Salesforce CRM is the answer to many businesses’ quests for efficiency. Salesforce CRM gives you the power to manage your ... Read more
salesforce logo

AVS Achieves Salesforce Gold Partner Status

And the gold goes to…Ad Victoriam Solutions! Here at AVS, we’re proud to have achieved GOLD PARTNER status, a highly coveted position within the partner community. This honor is awarded in September 2017 based on our proven combination of application expertise and certifications, superior customer satisfaction ratings and project experience. The combined points make ... Read more
salesforce heroku for developers easy button

Salesforce Heroku: A Mobile App Developer’s “Easy” Button

Developers have the difficult task of creating mobile apps that engage their customers or business partners. Unfortunately, the road to get there can sometimes be plagued with many issues – from infrastructure and servers that can throw off your focus to internal organizational hoops, developers have to jump through to make everyone happy, resulting in ... Read more
nfant case study by ad victoriam solutions

Customer Success Stories: AVS Breaks New Ground with Revolutionary Technology for Infant Patients

When Tommy Cunningham, Co-Founder and COO of NFANT Labs, LLC, approached Andy Meadows, Principal, Director of IoT and Mobility for Ad Victoriam Solutions (AVS), he wanted to do something that had never been done before. The goal was to create a neonatal feeding system for infants that could capture objective data in real time about the ... Read more

Ad Victoriam Earns New Specializations for Excellence with Salesforce™

Within Salesforce, the Masters Initiative is used to distinguish various Salesforce joint businesses in their achievements with Salesforce products, knowledge and customer success stories. We are pleased to announce that Ad Victoriam Solutions has recently received two new specializations within this Masters Initiative program: Opportunity/Pipeline Management Workflow and Approval Process What These Salesforce Specializations Mean ... Read more

Salesforce Einstein: Marketing Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Internet technologies, especially concerning cloud marketing, change on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are currently at the forefront of development. In 2016, Salesforce announced its latest artificial intelligence initiative, Einstein, at the Dreamforce conference. Einstein was certainly the main attraction, and it symbolized Salesforce’s drive toward growing its cloud technology. What is Einstein AI? ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Leveraging Salesforce Solutions to Boost Collaboration for a Technology Solutions Provider

A premier low voltage technology solutions provider based in Tennessee recently approached the team at Ad Victoriam Solutions wondering how we could help the Sales and Project Management teams manage day-to-day activities more efficiently and give management better insight into their business’ growth. Continue reading the case study to learn how we were able to ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Aligning a Tire Manufacturing Company with the Right Salesforce Sales Cloud Solution

Overview A Tennessee tire manufacturing company provides tires and tire-based services (i.e. re-treads) for commercial trucking fleets across the private and public sector. # of Employees: 51-200 Location: Murfreesboro, TN Industry: Automotive Go Live Date: 3/20/2017 Who says you can’t teach an old business new tricks? Continue reading to learn how we helped bring a Tennessee tire manufacturer set in ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Lightning Service Cloud Console Solutions for International Sporting Goods Company

Overview The company is a lifestyle brand based out of Japan that sells shoes, apparel, and equipment for sports such as running, golf, baseball, volleyball, golf, etc. # of Employees: 201-500 Location: Norcross, GA Industry: Sporting Goods Go Live Date: 1/30/2017 Ad Victoriam Solutions recently teamed up with a lifestyle sporting goods brand to help create more efficient business ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Salesforce CPQ, Data Migration & Pardot Implementation for Industry-Leading Human Resources Firm

Ad Victoriam Solutions partnered with a human resources firm that unifies employee engagement through EAP and well-being programs as well as perks and recognition for employees. They work with 49,000 businesses and provide a network of 20,000+ clinical experts and 16,000 retail merchant partnerships. Read the case study to find out the results. The Story ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Salesforce Data Migration Services for Edgenet

Logo courtesy of Overview Edgenet is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) company that helps suppliers put their products onto a retailer’s website (i.e. Lowes). Edgenet formats the products in the correct form for the retailer’s to use. # of Employees: 200-500 Location: Nashville, TN Industry: Computer Software Go Live Date: 6/1/2016 Website: Edgenet, a leading computer software company, approached Ad Victoriam ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Convenient Cloud Solutions for Concurrent

Logo courtesy of Overview Concurrent is a software company that provides storage solutions involving core Linux and Aquari storage. # of Employees: 200-500 Location: Duluth, Ga Industry: Computer Software Go Live Date: 12/7/2016 Website: As a registered Microsoft Partner, Concurrent – a strategic partner of AVS – approached us with the need to migrate their local on-premise exchange server ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: Securing Scalability for a Residential Home Builder Through Pardot

Overview A residential home builder that constructs high-end, luxury and customizable houses recently expanded to also build lower price point starter residential homes with fewer customized options. # of Employees: 500-1000 Location: Roswell, GA Industry: Real Estate Go Live Date: 12/12/2016 A residential home builder in Georgia recently expanded their organization with a new business unit. They chose to ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: How We Added Value to a Leading Service Industry Support Center by Leveraging Salesforce Wave Analytics

Overview This omni-channel call center services company that provides “white glove” customer service to retailers. This includes customers being able to provide interactions with brands via website, email, live chat, sms, Facebook and Snapchat. # of Employees: 5,001-10,000 Location: King of Prussia, PA Industry: Service Industry Support Center Go Live Date: 11/15/2016 Leveraging maximum value out of a ... Read more

First Class Salesforce Solutions for Travel Inc.

Overview Travel Inc. – an innovative travel management organization that provides “personalized consultations with travel executives, procurement, security and risk management and travelers” – was already using Salesforce, but it wasn’t living up to their expectations. They needed a Salesforce solutions partner to evaluate their current business process and refactor their processes to increase efficiency ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: How We Helped a World-Class Game Development Studio Leverage Custom Data Solutions

Overview A world-class independent game development studio hired us to help equip their team with the right data solutions that would allow them to create new standards for their respective genres as well as groundbreaking original IPs. # of Employees: 51-200 Location: Plano, Texas Industry: Computer Games Go Live Date: 3/31/2016 A world-class computer games development studio based out ... Read more

Customer Success Stories: ADDO Partners with AVS for Salesforce and Pardot Implementation

Overview ADDO (Latin for “inspire”) is a consulting agency that helps businesses and brands ideate and activate initiatives to enhance leadership and social impact. They create “ways for companies to maximize ‘doing business’ while ‘doing good’ to deliver tangible, sustainable and measurable engagement with customers and their communities.” # of Employees: 1-10 Location: Atlanta, GA ... Read more

Atlanta Dream Center: Customer Success Story

Image courtesy of Overview Atlanta Dream Center is a local non-profit organization that seeks to help men, women and children struggling with homelessness, poverty and sex trafficking. # of Employees: 10 HQ Location: Atlanta, GA Industry: Nonprofit Go Live Date: 7/1/2016 Website: Facebook: Twitter: Ad Victoriam Solutions was recently honored to partner with a ... Read more

Salesforce “Lightning” Winter ’17 Release Notes: Reports & Dashboards

In our previous article, we explored the general functional features improved by Salesforce’s latest release – which I like to call Lightning: The Definitive Edition. This latest Salesforce release offers a number of cool new and improved features that help grant us that increase in productivity we always crave. But new things are scary, right? Well the ... Read more

Salesforce “Lightning” Winter ’17 Release Notes: General Functionality

It has been a good summer. But now that winter is coming, it’s time to wake up, grab the hot cocoa and make the switch to Salesforce if you haven’t yet.  Here’s why: Ever since the Winter ’16 release a year ago, many of Salesforce’s users (including myself) have been on the verge of enabling ... Read more

5 Important Considerations When Implementing Pardot

So you bought Pardot – now what?   Pardot is a robust marketing automation tool that offers marketers all the customer tracking and communication bells and whistles of their dreams. Because of its powerful functionality, there is a lot to learn. After performing numerous Pardot implementations, I have come up with five of the most important points to ... Read more

5 Questions to Answer Before Implementing a Salesforce Community

Are you considering joining the millions of customers who have subscribed to Salesforce? Before you start trying to integrating the world’s #1 CRM, it’s important to stop for a few moments and consider what an ideal Salesforce implementation looks like for your small, medium or large-scale organization. Here are a few questions to ask yourself ... Read more
Abstract fractal waves, lights and abstract design elements: AVS Integration Blog

The Internet of Things and the Third Wave

The major technological periods in history have often come in waves – from the Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution to the Space Age. In more modern times, the First Wave (machine to person) occurred with the use of mainframe computer systems for operations management. The Second Wave (person to person) was ushered in with ... Read more
compliance word cloud: Ad Victoriam Solutions Cloud Strategy blog

Compliance in the Cloud – HIPAA

Today many companies are looking to move their applications and workflows to the Cloud in order to realize benefits such as minimizing cost, reducing IT overhead, and enterprise scalability. Some of these solutions are required to maintain compliance with HIPAA, which creates concern when hosting in a public cloud platform such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. The good news ... Read more
workflow automation icon: Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce blog

Automating Salesforce for Your Benefit: Part 1 – Workflows

Where would Salesforce be if it did not perform our desired tasks in the background? Better yet, where would we be? Webster defines automatic as “largely or wholly involuntary.” The automation that Salesforce solutions are capable of is the epitome of this definition with its different processes that come in many different shapes and sizes. This functionality of Salesforce ... Read more
word intelligence with puzzle cube: Ad Victoriam Solutions Data & Analytics blog

Why Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Matter

Even with companies using a tool like Salesforce® to house a majority of their business processes, there are always other pieces of data that live outside of Salesforce. Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow organizations to bring together multiple data sources into one centralized location.  This means that now we can connect all of your systems together and find actionable ... Read more
sample Salesforce report: Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce blog

How to Visualize Sales Goals by Adding Targets to Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

It is no secret that visualization plays a key factor in one’s path to achieving their goals. Robert Collier, an inspirational writer and author of the bestseller The Secret of the Ages (1926), once said “Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin to build it.” ... Read more

5 Tips for Creating an Awesome Documentation Process

Let’s be honest…documentation is kind of a drag. The reality is that documenting a process for Salesforce, big data or IoT can be a daunting task, but more importantly, a necessary evil. Here are some tips I have for becoming a self-proclaimed documentation ROCKSTAR! Tip #1 – Create a standard naming convention to use for ... Read more
artificial intelligence: AVS data & analytics blog

3 Innovative Ways Big Data is Bringing the Future Into the Present

Since cloud computing emerged on the business scene, the technology has grown exponentially. Along with this unprecedented growth, there has emerged a new way of thinking about technology. One such change revolves around big data. Here are a three examples of how innovative big data solutions are working to advance our society and businesses: 1. Machine ... Read more
Salesforce Pardot Registered Partner

Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce partner, is now also a registered Pardot partner

  What it means to be a certified Pardot partner We’ve all heard the phrase – “There is no I in Team.”  To succeed, it takes not just a WE, but a P. P for Partnership. Building partnerships is part of our core values here at Ad Victoriam Solutions and because of this we are excited to ... Read more

The Commoditization of the Data Warehouse

These are exciting times in the data and analytics world! The last couple of years have seen a surge in technologies and offerings that bring big-time data and analytics into reach for most companies. No longer isolated to Fortune-500 data powerhouses with multi-million dollar project budgets, “Big Data” and Data Warehousing are becoming a commodity ... Read more

Stepping Stones Toward a Data Governance Framework, Part I

Salesforce administrators play a special role in companies: you have the opportunity to bring teams together to focus on what is most important to them – the customer. Just one problem – How can we focus on the customer if we don’t know who the customer is? You would be surprised how many companies cannot easily ... Read more
panel of virtual locks: Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce® Blog

Salesforce Shield Receives an Upgrade

Salesforce Shield™ was introduced in early 2015 as a simple tool that allows businesses to view their data, encrypt that data if necessary, and archive/review data values from up to ten years ago. These functions are available for all Salesforce apps built on the Salesforce1™ platform, on which Shield was natively built. Earlier this month, Salesforce ... Read more

Unlocking Affordable and Scalable Hybrid Cloud Integration

In this article, we will focus on how using Azure Logic Apps can provide an effective and affordable iPaaS solution for companies of any size. Companies today, large and small, are using a mixture of on premise and SaaS applications to run their business.  Systems such as an ERP, POS, or a home-grown application will ... Read more

Salesforce Shows Resilience in the Cloud Computing World

In recent months, a market-wide stock selloff has occurred amongst cloud computing companies, and the results have hit hard. Even big name companies like Salesforce felt the burn. It is speculated that one the reasons for this downward trend is that investors who want to find havens for their companies don’t typically make plays that are considered ... Read more

Has IoT Outgrown Big Data?

As the price of technology continues to level off, it’s likely we’ll continue to see an increase in objects that users want connected to the internet. This flood of internet-connected devices will lead to even more information pouring into the system—and the kicker is, experts haven’t even begun to comprehend what to do with all ... Read more

3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Businesses

Whether or not you think you understand the Internet of Things (IoT), you’ve most likely familiarized yourself with it already. How, you may ask? If you own a FitBit (or any type of wearable that works alongside your smartphone) or another piece of “smart” technology (like an alarm system or thermostat)—you are a citizen of ... Read more

Facing the Facts: IoT Security Concerns and Solutions

The Internet of Things is without a doubt one of the most influential tools businesses can use to gather useful data and information, allowing for smarter business decisions and improved services for customers. However, as Uncle Ben said in the Spiderman movies: “With great power comes great responsibility” – especially when it comes to securing ... Read more

Salesforce Announces Acquisition of SteelBrick

It has been rumored for some time that Salesforce was considering acquiring SteelBrick, a company specializing in automated quote-to-cash software for businesses. Salesforce made the announcement at the end of 2015 that these rumors were true, and the company agreed to purchase SteelBrick for over $300 million. SteelBrick is a company dedicated to efficient and automated management of ... Read more
innovation technologies

How IoT is Revolutionizing Healthcare

The recent rise in the popularity of fitness technology (i.e. smart watches and Fitbits) is beginning to show the impact that the “internet of things” (IoT) is having on the healthcare industry. However, these devices are only the beginning of how technology is revolutionizing healthcare. As it stands, any medical device that allows for the ... Read more

Ad Victoriam to Sponsor and Present at Southeast Dreamin’ Conference

This March, Ad Victoriam will be both sponsoring and presenting at the Southeast Dreamin’ Conference in Atlanta, Georgia! The conference will take place from March 9-10 and has been coordinated and organized by fellow Salesforce®solutions enthusiasts. The sessions, expo, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities will provide participants various opportunities to learn more about how to ... Read more

Will Changing Wi-Fi Standards Help Utilize IoT Better?

Wi-Fi has certainly presented its share of problems – namely the ever-present threat of a shoddy connection and speeds that aren’t necessarily compatible with the connected devices that so many business and individuals are beginning to use on a daily basis. Fortunately, there may be a solution on the horizon for connecting the Internet of ... Read more

Cognitive Computing and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly growing across various sectors of technology commonly used today, especially in terms of cognitive computing. As we’ll explore below, IoT is already being used in the medical field, retail outlets and event management. IoT and Medical Tech Implanted medical devices are saving hundreds of thousands of lives each ... Read more
big data

2015: The Year of Big Data

This year has been full of ups and downs, with many looking forward to a brand new start those New Year’s promises. One thing that’s clear: it has been a big year for “big data.” Big data analytics and enterprise solutions have reached new heights in helping businesses run smoothly and efficiently, employing the newest technology for ... Read more
Bringing various applications to effectively work together to enhance your business operations can be complex. Data integration solutions from AdVictoriam.

Why Communication is Key: Integrating Your Data

Your business uses many applications and software already to bring in useful data to grow and better serve your customers. These applications, though they can be very different, can also work together to bring you even more success in learning your market, expanding your business, and making sense of the mountain of data. All of ... Read more

Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 4: A Review

If you’ve followed our “Major Players” series, you know that over the past few blog posts we’ve discussed new technologies and advancements that Salesforce®, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft have made in relation to the Internet of Things, which keeps information easily accessible via devices that can communicate with the cloud. While these three major ... Read more

Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 3: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In Part 1 of this blog series exploring the big players in the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, we talked about how the “internet of things” refers to a network of objects that have been embedded with software, network connectivity, electronics and sensors, and how Salesforce® is able to integrate with IoT infrastructures to exchange and collect ... Read more

The Salesforce® Login Flow Cheat Sheet

What happens when you’re trying to get Login Flow to work properly for your business, but it keeps failing even after re-checking the in/output value of variables, user security level and everything else? David Litton, our brilliant Solution Architect, recently discussed fixes for the issues that can arise when creating your company’s Login Flow. Have you ... Read more
Salesforce World Tour

Salesforce World Tour Stops off in Atlanta, Georgia

If there are any Salesforce geeks and gurus like us out there, then you already know that the Salesforce World Tour recently rolled into the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, December 9. This free event was geared to helping IT and sales professionals learn new and exciting ways to connect with their customer base. ... Read more

Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 2: Microsoft

The Internet of Things is all around us: sensors, various devices, data, and of course cloud services. Since Microsoft already commands one of the largest and most flexible cloud services, it‘s only reasonable that the tech giant would also work to provide enterprises with their own vision of IoT. Microsoft IoT works best through the storing, ... Read more

Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 1: Salesforce®

In today’s forever growing Internet expansion, we’re coming across many new players in the Internet of Things (IoT) movement. With all of the new communicating devices that comprise the Internet of Things, these companies are making it easier for businesses and consumers to understand and use the data they are now connected with on a ... Read more
Big Data & IoT

The Internet of Things and How It Impacts Big Data

Technology is constantly evolving. Remember when mobile phones had antennas and looked like a brick? That wasn’t all that long ago in the grand scheme of things, yet we’ve come a long way. This leads us to ask, what’s next? As an enterprise technology consulting firm in Atlanta, here at Ad Victoriam we can see ... Read more
Making Integration Simpler with an ESB

Making Integration Simpler with an ESB

For those who are new to the term ESB, here’s a crash course: Enterprise service bus (ESB) software works to help design and implement a line of communication across various programs that are a part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) application solution. ESB applications are used most frequently as a part of enterprise application integration (EAI), which allows ... Read more

Trailhead: Trekking through the Inner Workings of Salesforce®

So, you’ve decided that Salesforce® is the most efficient cloud-computing system for your business, and it’s time to start putting that technology into action. Incorporating any new software or technology into an already functioning workplace will always have its problems, and prolonged training can cause decreased productivity among many other headaches. You need efficiency. You ... Read more

3 Reasons Why Netflix, Condé Nast, and Comcast All Employ AWS to Meet Their Cloud Computing Needs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide array of solutions for business cloud computing needs. Comcast, Condé Nast and Netflix (among many others) all leverage AWS for many of their business needs. “Our success with the AWS infrastructure can be attributed to the elasticity, scalability, global availability of the service, as well as the key ... Read more
4 Big Data Strategies that Can Improve Your Company

4 Big Data Strategies that Can Improve Your Company

Data is an essential part of most companies; however, in the last five years, data collection has evolved. Previously, companies would be required to collect their data daily and load it into a database. Today, click-steam data collection is more common. This method of data collection has led to an explosion of data sources and ... Read more

How Salesforce® is Winning the Race to Cloud Superiority is kind of a big deal. In fact, the enterprise software has been ranked in Bloomberg Businessweek’s number 2 spot on their list of 50 top performing companies in recent years. Salesforce® reached this top spot by outperforming their nearest competitors: Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Between 2010 and 2013, Salesforce’s stock prices increased by 170 percent. Additionally, CEO ... Read more

Salesforce, Visual Flow and Black Bears: A Non-Profit Volunteering Trip I’ll Never Forget

I just got back from spending a week volunteering for 100 Fold Studio.  They are “a nonprofit architecture firm providing affordable and innovative design services to charitable organizations around the world. We are committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus by designing safe, efficient, and inspiring structures for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity or tradition.” When ... Read more
5 Steps to Creating a Killer Customer Survey

5 Steps to Creating a Killer Customer Survey

As a business manager in charge of making key decisions for your company, sending out customer surveys is one great sales strategy for gathering information about what your patrons want and need from your business, as well as find out how they liked the services or products they’ve already received from you. Surveys can also ... Read more
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A Glimpse into the Growth Pattern of Cloud Analytics

Developments in cloud systems, services and SaaS apps have come a long way in the last decade. Cloud-based analytics and intelligence are quickly becoming an integral part of many businesses around the world. The last ten years or so companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Google and Amazon have all taken their businesses and their ... Read more
4 Strategies for Developing a Strong Cloud Infrastructure

4 Strategies for Developing a Strong Cloud Infrastructure

More companies today are turning to cloud computing, not just to help their businesses reach their customers easier but also to be competitive. Chances are, businesses who fail to embrace the cloud will be left behind. A recent IBM Institute survey discovered that 71% of businesses feel their IT infrastructure gives their business a competitive boost within ... Read more

Midwest dreamin’ conference

David Litton, the Solutions Architect here at Ad Victoriam, recently spoke at the 2015 Midwest Dreamin’ Salesforce user conference in Chicago on the Navy Pier. This year’s conference, which took place July 9th and 10th, included 31 breakout sessions, technology solution exhibit hall, an experts table, special guests and keynote speakers Peter Coffee (VP of ... Read more
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