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Ad Victoriam has been outstanding from start to finish.I have worked with numerous consulting companies over the years and Ad Victoriam is at the top of the list. They have been extremely accommodating to our evolving needs and their delivery has been exemplary. We view Ad Victoriam as a valued long-term business partner.

- Dennis Jones, VP/Information Services, Neill Corp

Ad Victoiram was a great pleasure to partner with on this project. From the in-house training and knowledgeable staff, we are confident in our ability to navigate through Salesforce at its fullest potential and for future growth. Our only regret is that we did not reach out sooner!

- Aaron Wall, Sales Training Manager, Lumina Foods

This is our second project with Ad Victoriam and I have enjoyed working with the team.

- Zach Ausband, Salesforce Admin, Klaussner


Jul 13, 2021

The world of retail has changed dramatically for retailers and their shoppers.. In years gone by, retailers have been famous for having anonymous, transactional relationships with their shoppers, but now both retailers and their consumers are demanding deeper relationships with each other. And if retailers want to win today, they have to empower their consumers, deliver an array of personalized shopping experiences, across all channels, and provide precise product details that encourages purchases.

Mar 30, 2021

As the world evolves in the way we buy and sell, now more than ever is the time for sales teams to focus on relationships and genuinely understanding the needs of our customers in order to fulfill their needs, and provide them with solutions to help expand their businesses.

Apr 27, 2021

Andrew Deutsch, CEO of Fangled Tech, was a recent guest on AdVic’s “Salesforce Simplified” podcast and talked about converting sales no’s into yes’ by analyzing important data he says may be “leaking” within your sales funnels. Then we dug into transforming sales teams into selling machines, and more. Here are some highlights from that conversation.