Overcoming Barriers Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Face

Overcoming Barriers Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Face

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Globally, the industrial machinery industry remains in a crucial space as they are faced with disruptions from all aspects of the business. With supply chain, labor shortages, and an uptick in technology users, leaders in this space must quickly pivot to solutions that will advance business during these trying times.  

Companies that are using innovation to connect with their customers and partners are experiencing growth through the power of technology. Although many of the challenges manufacturers are experiencing stem from the pandemic, they continue to linger. 

What’s Broken? 

Supply Chain Disruption and Labor Shortages: It is getting harder and harder for manufacturers to find help. 

This challenge is compounded by the halt in mass production for almost two years which created a material supply shortage necessitating higher levels of productivity. Without enough labor, manufacturers are seeking additional equipment to help close the gap. Unfortunately, this equipment is not being produced quickly enough, and manufacturers still don’t not have enough people to handle the equipment once produced.   

Data Insights: Automation and smart machines are playing a larger and larger role in industrial manufacturing. From the diagnostics from the machines, increasing efficiencies, or being able to connect with partners, data plays a huge factor in the way manufacturers operate. 

When manufacturers cannot visualize data, they are missing out on key metrics that can benefit their business. Data provides manufacturers with real-time awareness of machinery operations, forecasts, cost, and customer experience, which keeps them competitive. One empowering aspect of data visibility is Predictive analytics which provides insights to improve productivity and profitability. By using data effectively, manufacturers can make actionable decisions to drive growth.

Tech Fixes

We outlined above the challenges this industry is facing. The good news is, we also have solutions! Solutions that are based on actionable insight can help alleviate the pain points many manufacturers may think are out of their control. 

  • By diversifying suppliers, building relationships with partners, and improving demand forecasting manufacturers can improve their supply outcome. In addition, with data visualization and efficient account management, manufacturers can develop and maintain solid relationships with suppliers.
  • Once the data is aggregated in one platform, successful analysis and application of the data is vital to success.  If data is optimized to its fullest potential, it can help leaders make smart, actionable decisions that affect operational efficiencies, profitability, customer experience, and factory floor maintenance. 

Of course Salesforce has functionality and solutions that can address these and other challenges. Clouds such as Sales Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and CRM Analytics are popular tools that are helping manufacturers. But we realize that one size does not fit all, that is why we conduct a deep discovery of your current state, challenges in addition to opportunities and your goals. 

If you are ready for the next steps, set up a call with our team. Count on us to get you where you need to be!

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