How to Improve Sales Forecasting in Salesforce with AI

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Phil Everhart, President & Founder of SmartFox Technologies, talks about how companies can better accurately forecast sales in their CRMs using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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Mike Boyle:

Welcome everyone. I am really excited for all of us today to meet Phil Everhart. He is the President and Founder of SmartFox Technologies. We’ll be speaking with Phil today about how companies can better accurately forecast sales in their CRMs using AI, artificial intelligence.

First a little bit about Phil. With 20 plus years of experience using controlled artificial intelligence to help company leaders fix inaccurate sales forecasting, and poor opportunity management in CRM systems, Phil has partnered with Salesforce to build SmartFox Prime, which is the first ever business forecast management system. The use of AI in business is projected to grow by triple digits in the next few years. Phil is known as the subject matter expert on that topic, and we are thrilled to have him as our guest today.

Hello, Phil. Thanks for joining us today.

Phil Everhart:

Hello, Mike. Thank you so much for having me.

Mike Boyle:

It’s a pleasure. We have three sections, if you will, to our discussions today. We’re going to talk a little bit at first about AI, and we’ll roll into accurate sales forecasting, and then I want to get into what you’re doing there at SmartFox Prime Technology. Sound like a plan?

Phil Everhart:

Yes sir. Sounds great.

Mike Boyle:

There you go. Great. Let’s start with AI. Why do those words, artificial intelligence, AI for short, why do they scare people?

Phil Everhart:

Well, Mike, I think there are three big fear factors which scare people. The first one is AI scares people because it can produce bias outcomes depending on the accuracy and quality of that data. The second one, humans, they don’t like data that tells them that they are wrong. That’s a big factor for humans and why they’re scared. The last thing I think is that AI also has the ability to make humans make decisions they don’t want to make, and that just causes irrational outcomes.

Mike Boyle:

Why do you think that AI is so important to a company’s future, especially how they market their products?

Phil Everhart:

Well, AI is now one of the biggest topics in the business world. I talk to people all the time about it, especially due to the effects of COVID, and the new digital world of buying that we live in. Based on some research that I’ve performed, Salesforce, which you acknowledged is one of the largest CRM providers in the world, they predict that the growth of AI is just going to explode over the next three years to 139% adoption rate. That’s a huge statistic that’s thrown out there.

I think AI allows companies to implement marketing techniques that will allow companies to nudge people to buying their product and behave a certain way. The whole behavioral science of nudging helps companies change people’s behavior and it has a positive effect due to the surge of the digital world that we live in.



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