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HexArmor’s Sales Director Talks About Sales Cloud

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You’ve heard it before…. having an all-inclusive sales platform helps sales representatives close deals more quickly upfront rather than waiting weeks, months or even years. 

Well, that’s easy enough to say, but why not hear it right from a daily Salesforce user? HexArmor‘s Director of Sales, Geno Lechuga, recently spoke on the AdVic “Salesforce Simplified” podcast about how his team benefits from being able to see every interaction prospects and customers have with his business—regardless of department—using the CRM platform that connects his whole company. Here’s some highlights from that conversation.

Sales Team Adoption of Salesforce

Change can be difficult for any person, but for HexArmour’s Lechuga, trust and respect make the process much easier. 

“If you come to our company as a new employee in our sales department, it’s likely that you have not used Salesforce the way we do. But the way we use Salesforce is a part of the reason why we’re so successful. If you come to our company, we promote the way we do things through trust and respect, [which] are the pillars of any particular team; [and] they’re earned. They’re not granted to anyone, nor should they be. But once the trust and respect is there, now the sales team can see the company vision, and then they can buy into the way we do things, i.e., Salesforce. And all that comes a little easier with that trust and respect.”

Salesforce Improves Lead Generation

Leads are costly for any company, and that’s no different for HexArmor. 

“We want to see the ROI for our leads,” Lechuga explained. Whether they’re marketing-generated leads, trade show leads, or even leads generated by a rep. With Salesforce, we’re able to track the ROI and determine really if the leads make sense from a company aspect. So in other words, if we track specific leads to a specific trade show and the ROI is favorable in our favor, then looking at our budgets for the following year will be helpful knowing that we need to invest in that trade show again. And again, all of these results are tracked right there in Salesforce. So, with these types of results being tracked, companies can really decide what type of lead generation they want to invest in. So, the overall efficiency and knowing where to put your dollars, it all comes from the data that’s generated through Salesforce.”

Analyze and Share Customer Data 

Commenting on how his team analyzes and shares customer data internally via Salesforce, Lechuga said, “The nice part about Salesforce is it’s all right there on the same platform. If I run a specific report for a specific region, I can easily do that right inside Salesforce and allow that region to see that report as well. So, we utilize this data daily and it helps our teams drive more business. And as a company, we’re big on data and we make big company decisions based on the data.”

Salesforce Helps with Retention, Too

It’s no secret that customer retention is directly proportional to increased revenue and business growth. Customer acquisition becomes futile if you cannot keep the customers coming back. Here’s how Lechuga says Salesforce helps HexArmor with retention:

“Retention really is an area that I can say I am very proud of the job we’ve done here at HexArmor. Now, partly it’s because we offer certain technologies that are proprietary to our company that our customers need and we know what they need, but a lot of it is the type of data that we’ve tracked inside Salesforce that really helps us to stay in front of these customers and communicate what’s important to them and what they need. So all the way from setting future tasks or reach outs, organizing a detailed sit down meeting, all this information is right there in Salesforce.”

There is much more to our conversation with HexArmor’s Geno Lechuga, including discussion of how the Salesforce mobile app helps his team better serve their customers. Listen here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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