Maximizing Salesforce for Sales Teams

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On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” the topic is “Maximizing Salesforce for Sales Teams,” and our guest is HexArmor’s Director of Sales, Geno Lechuga.


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This is Salesforce Simplified, the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions. Here’s your host, Mike Boyle.

Mike Boyle:
Well hello everyone, and welcome on this episode of Salesforce Simplified. The topic is how a sales team can leverage Salesforce. And our guest today is HexArmor’s Director of Sales, Geno Lechuga. I just want to say a big old welcome to Geno. How are you today?

Geno Lechuga:
Hey, Mike, I’m doing well. I appreciate you having me on here and I’m super excited.

Mike Boyle:
Well, we’re thrilled that you’re with us. Before we get into today’s topic, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and a little bit about what you do at HexArmor and what HexArmor does?

Geno Lechuga:
Yeah, I’m a sales director like you’d mentioned. HexArmor, we’re a medium-sized private PPE manufacturing company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. And really our goal, Mike, is to help our customers accomplish a safety environment that they desire. We want to help those companies bring home their employees every single day injury-free. And so every day we wake up and that’s what we do. That’s how we do it. My philosophy is serving something other than yourself. So serving our customers, serving my sales team, and then serving my company as well.

Mike Boyle:
Well, Geno, you’ve been a Salesforce user for a little while. As a director of sales, I know it’s a big part of your day. How have you had to do your own “selling” of Salesforce to your team at times and explain to them why they need to embrace a tool such as Salesforce CRM?

Geno Lechuga:
Change is difficult, Mike, for any person as you can imagine. If you come to our company as a new employee, let’s just say, and you become a new employee in our sales department, it’s likely that you have not used Salesforce the way we do. But the way we use Salesforce is a part of the reason why we’re so successful. If you come to our company, most of the time leaders like myself, we do promote the way we do things and how we do it. We do it through trust and respect. So trust and respect, in my opinion, are the pillars of any particular team. Those two, trust and respect, they’re earned. They’re not granted to anyone nor should they be. But once the trust and respect is there, now the sales team can see the company vision, and then they can buy into the way we do things, i.e., Salesforce. And all that comes a little easier with that trust and respect.

So, I’m fortunate enough to be at HexArmor for just about 12 years now and have used Salesforce the entire time I’ve been here. And to mention, I’ve been in the trenches and I’ve been in the trenches with my team, “earning” that street cred. So really the ingredient of trust and the ingredient of earning that from my team and earning the respect is there just because they see every day what I do for them. And also to mention, my team is filled with a bunch of rockstar sales people. I am so fortunate to work with this team. And so they definitely understand the importance of Salesforce and how do we utilize that as a tool here at HexArmor to generate revenue.

Mike Boyle:
Geno, can you talk a little bit about how Salesforce has improved lead generation for you at HexArmor?

Geno Lechuga:
Absolutely, Mike. Leads are costly. They’re costly for really any company. For us, it’s no different. And we want to see the ROI for our leads, whether they’re marketing generated leads, trade show leads, or even leads generated by a rep. With Salesforce, we’re able to track the ROI and determine really if the leads make sense from a company aspect. So in other words, if we track specific leads to a specific trade show and the ROI is favorable in our favor, then looking at our budgets for the following year will be helpful knowing that, “You know what? We need to invest in that trade show again.” And again, all of these results are tracked right there in Salesforce. So these types of results being tracked from here, companies can really decide what type of lead generation they want to invest in. So really the overall efficiency and knowing where to put your dollars, it all comes from the data that’s generated through Salesforce.

Mike Boyle:
You talked about tracking there, specifically customer tracking. How has that improved at HexArmor with Salesforce and through Salesforce?

Geno Lechuga:
I always tell my team that in order to be a good salesperson, you have to be a good business person first. And I firmly believe this, Mike. In order to be a good business person, you got to know your numbers. You have to know your territory data. Who are your top customers? What are they buying? Where are they located? What are their buying powers? What are their buying patterns as well? Why are they buying? What’s the attrition rates? I mean, the list goes on. And all this type of data that’s tracked is right there in Salesforce. The tracking feature is something that I personally use a lot as a sales leader. Without it, Mike, I really don’t know what we would use. Maybe we would use Google Docs or some type of spreadsheet. And that’s fine if you want to use that, but if you want to be accurate in your tracking, Salesforce is definitely the way to go.

Mike, as I mentioned, I’ve been here at HexArmor for a while now and really have worked in almost every region we have. So looking at the tracking data in Salesforce is really essential when I’m helping a rep prioritize a trip or help them plan for their year. Again, hands down, it’s probably one of my most favorite features of Salesforce. And the last thing I’d like to say is at HexArmor, we sell through distribution, but a lot of the times we’re solving those issues at the end user level. So tracking this type of success in Salesforce really allows us to grow and build new products and implement new innovations and train not only our sales people, but our entire organization. Marketing, operations, everyone is all tracked with Salesforce.

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