Digital Transformation

Getting Started with Digital Transformation

What You Need to Know & Resources to Get You Started

Why is Digital Transformation Evolving?

Digital transformation is evolving rapidly today due to the pandemic. Organizations that had been doing well with their current processes and systems are now seeing why migrating to the cloud, implementing an e-commerce system, and leveraging other digital transformation opportunities have value. COVID-19’s impact on business goals has increased the velocity and the need for digital transformation.

Digital transformation also has a very long tail because it opens up virtual doors that it didn’t before. Companies without an e-commerce platform are being outpaced by their competitors.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Signs Your Company Needs a Digital Transformation

If you are struggling with growth or it takes numerous team members to execute manual processes that could be solved with automation. Begin by considering the number of manual processes that you have, unmet customer requests, if you’re experiencing market slippage, or if there’s evidence that profitability is compressing. These are all signs that you are ready for some level of digital transformation.

How to Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

As with other major initiatives, you need to get leadership onboard – you need endorsement and support for the direction that you want to head. Best to find a project that is aligned very closely to your organizational goals and objectives – one that requires some level of digital transformation. It’s those types of projects that typically get some traction and get leadership’s buy-in.

The next step – and equally important – is to get key change agents onboard. You need the people who will help be an advocate of the transformation to the rest of the organization. Be sure to continually promote what you are doing, why you’re doing it, and how they’ll benefit when the project is done. This all helps to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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