Enhancing Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

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On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” we speak with Nick Glimsdahl, who is the Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS, a company that helps companies improve contact center operations. He’s also a speaker on Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Digital Transformation, and is a featured contributor for ICMI, a company that works with contact centers to accomplish desired outcomes and prepare them for the future. Additionally, Nick has his own podcast, “Press 1 For Nick.”

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Speaker 1:

Thanks for stopping by. This is Salesforce Simplified, the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions.

Mike Boyle:

Well, good day, everyone. I’m Mike Boyle from Ad Victoriam Solutions. And on this episode of Salesforce Simplified, we’re going to be speaking with Nick Glimsdahl, who is the Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS, which is a company that helps other companies improve contact center operations. He’s also a speaker on customer experience, employee experience, and digital transformation, which just happens to be the subject of today’s podcast. And he’s also a feature contributor for ICMI, which is a company that works with contact centers to accomplish desired outcomes and prepare them for the future. Nick, who also happens to host his own podcast called Press 1 For Nick, which I think is a very unique name, is a self-described guy on a mission to bring together digital transformation, customer expectations and business objectives to create effortless customer experiences. Nick, it is such a pleasure to have you. Welcome to the “Salesforce Simplified” Podcast.

Nick Glimsdahl:

Thanks so much, Mike. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Mike Boyle:

So before we get into all the questions, Nick, can you tell me just a little bit about what you do there at VDS?

Nick Glimsdahl:

Yeah, so like you mentioned, I’m the Director of Contact Center Solutions here at VDS, been here about five years. And my whole goal is to help organizations across the country identify where they’re at inside their contact center, where they want to go from both a customer experience and an employee experience, and then understanding what those business outcomes are, and then bringing that right technology. It’s truly understanding and solving for business outcomes. It’s not just hocking technology and opening up my black leather jacket and saying, “Hey, do you want something?” But it’s truly adding value in being that guide for those customers.

Mike Boyle:

Well, as I said, our list of topics today will be digital transformation, customer experience, digital first strategies and how we all weave that stuff together. So let’s start here. Are the terms, which I still hear all the time, digital first and digital strategy. Are they still buzz phrases here in 2022? And if so, talk about how they continue to evolve in the business world if they still do?

Nick Glimsdahl:

So I would say the answer first is yes. I believe that they’re still the “buzz phrase” and it’s because people want, as a consumer and just put yourself in that spot, anytime you call your insurance, or your internet company, or anybody else, you want to meet them, you want to go on the channel of your choice. And sometimes when you’re in the car, you want to be on the phone. Sometimes when you’re inside a coffee shop, you’re probably going to be maybe texting in line back and forth to the customer service. And so how are you meeting them on the channel of their choice? And a lot of times it is digital unless somebody needs something with urgency, something really went bad or they just want to talk to a human. And so it’s communicating and bringing all of that together.

And so the reason why it’s constantly evolving is because technology is evolving, and the customer’s needs are constantly evolving, and they’re improving, and people are wanting more, and they want more personalized, and they want a better experience, and they want them to feel known and valued.

Mike Boyle:

In this year of 2022 that we’re in, how do you define what customer experience is?

Nick Glimsdahl:

So customer experience is the experience that a consumer receives and or feels resulting in an emotional reaction. And sometimes it could be, I am beyond excited that you solved my problem. You knew who I was. And you did it in record time. It could be the whelmed, you’re not overwhelmed, you’re not underwhelmed. You’re just whelmed, and that was not a great experience, or it wasn’t a bad experience, but it just solved my problem. And it was meh. And then there’s the absolute worst where it’s, you’re frustrated, and that not only is the chance that somebody could not do business with you anymore, but then they’re going to go out and tell their friends, they’re going to potentially tell social media, and you now have the opportunity or the risk of losing that customer.

Mike Boyle:

Let’s just say that somebody’s out there listening to this and working for a company, they’re going, “You know what? I think we do a really good job with customer experience” which may not be the case. So how does a company know when it needs to make improvements to customer experience?

Nick Glimsdahl:

Yeah, the first thing I would say is, have you actually walked in your customer shoes? Have you gone through the customer’s journey from the very beginning? How do I find your company? And then what are the steps that I have to go through to identify if it’s the right fit or not? And then where are the friction points inside that journey that need to be addressed? And it doesn’t matter how amazing, if you are the Zappos of your industry, everybody’s going to have friction points or ways that you can improve that experience.

And I guess the other way is how are you measuring it? Are you measuring it based off of your customer satisfaction score? Are you measuring it based off of your net promoter score? Are you measuring it based off of your customer effort score? Or is there something else? So identify where you’re at, understand what your customers are actually saying. So don’t just take your word for it internally and saying, we nailed it, checkbox. But truly bring them in, buy them lunch and say, how are we doing really? Not just because I’m going to give you an extra $50 gift card for filling out this survey, but truly understand what that customer is experiencing without the ramifications that you’re going to tell them potentially bad news.

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