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Outset Medical Transforms Marketing with AdVic: A Success Story

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After successfully leading several large-scale projects to help medical technology company Outset Medical evolve key capabilities within Salesforce Service Cloud, Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic®) was recently invited to participate in an RFP to help them migrate from another third-party marketing automation platform to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Regarding the process, Outset’s Senior Director, Information Technology Isaac Stockwell remarked, “AdVic demonstrated clear domain expertise throughout the RFP process and embraced a true partnership approach to meet Outset’s needs relative to scope, schedule, and budget.”

Challenges Faced

Before implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Outset’s legacy marketing automation platform lacked key capabilities around multi-channel digital marketing campaigns and the ability to build highly engaging customer journeys.  Additionally, integration between Outset’s marketing automation platform and Salesforce was limited, creating challenges with lead management, scoring, and nurturing, as well as limitations around digital engagement with existing customers.

Building Trust and Confidence

From the initial setup, AdVic’s leadership and expertise fostered trust. 

Specifically, Stockwell stated, “As we exited our acceptance testing and it became clear we had achieved a truly integrated solution (with Salesforce CRM), the team felt reenergized and confident heading into the last mile.”

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Solution Impact

AdVic delivered a comprehensive solution encompassing lead capture, Salesforce CRM integration, robust automation, and engaging customer journeys. This resulted in:

  • Efficient lead management: Intelligent lead routing streamlined processes and supported handoff to sales.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Outset gained the ability to create highly segmented, engaging customer journeys. 

Exceeding Expectations

Outset’s Stockwell gave AdVic glowing marks on expectations, commenting, “AdVic worked diligently, sometimes seemingly around the clock, to meet a highly aggressive timeline.” He went on to highlight how we:

  • Met tight deadlines: The team worked diligently, ensuring a smooth launch despite a demanding timeline.
  • Combined technical and business expertise: The lead consultant’s unique skill set proved invaluable for the project’s success.

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Knowledge Transfer and Adoption

The AdVic Team’s knowledge transfer approach was crucial for Outset’s long-term adoption and success. 

Stockwell added, “AdVic’s depth of expertise on the platform and thoughtful approach to knowledge transfer was apparent in training curriculum and sessions that were well organized and highly effective in conveying technical information appropriately for both technical and business resources.”

Enjoyable Collaboration

Asked what Outset appreciated most about its collaboration with AdVic, Stockwell pointed to:

  • Accountable Team: AdVic took ownership and met commitments throughout the project.
  • Transparent Communication: Clear and open communication fostered a positive working relationship.
  • Efficient Process: The project management framework provided clarity and transparency.


Outset Medical’s partnership with AdVic resulted in a successful migration to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, addressing challenges that included a solid data security plan and driving positive business impact. The experience was highlighted by trust, expertise, and a collaborative spirit, making it a true success story.

How AdVic Can Help

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, Outset Medical sought to enhance its capabilities through a strategic partnership with AdVic, and our team can start helping your business today too by crafting the right Salesforce technology solution. Schedule a free consultation now.

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