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Continuing Our Commitment: The 2023 AdVic Annual Impact Report

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In 2018, when we first worked on certifying as a B Corporation, we released our first-ever Annual Impact Report. There was a question on the B Impact Assessment that addressed not only whether we had one, but what information we were publicly sharing–and we accepted the challenge to share our impact data. 

What started back then has continued every year, through our first recertification in 2021, and now through our recent recertification earlier this year. As we continue our commitment to being a business focused on purpose and profitability, we are excited to release our seventh version of the AdVic® Annual Impact Report. 

Not to spoil all of the highlights, but here are some of the 2023 achievements we’re most proud of: 

  • 1% of Revenue: Each year, as part of our Pledge 1% commitment, we set a goal to donate 1% of revenue in the combined form of charitable donations, volunteer, and pro bono time. In 2023, we hit 1.08% of revenue, which included 616 volunteer hours, 220 pro bono hours, and over $25,000 in cash donations. 
  • Employee Engagement: With a goal of 91% employee engagement, we hit 94.6%. This number is an aggregate of scores on our annual employee survey for the questions of happiness, trust, career path, as well as coworker and supervisor satisfaction. 
  • Equitable Growth: For an IT company, we have always taken pride in our commitment to the diversity in our team. As we close the books on 2023, we are 21% underrepresented minority and 37% female. And as a whole, this population represents a majority (53%) of our company. 

2023 AdVic AIR

As we go deeper into 2024, our 10th year in business and seventh as a B Corp, we’ve once again set ambitious goals for ourselves. We aim to hit the 1% of revenue donated goal for the eighth year in a row, the same number of years we’ve been committed to this pledge. We’ll also strive to continue being a great place to work, one that employees appreciate working at and offers everyone an opportunity to build a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

You can read the full impact report here.

2023 AdVic AIR

AdVic would like to thank Nathan Stuck and his company, Profitable Purpose Consulting, for compiling the information for our 2023 Annual Impact Report.

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