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CRM Adoption: The Flaw in ‘You Build It and They Come’

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Michael Hudlow, a leader in business transformation and corporate innovation – and an expert on the topic of CRMs – was a recent guest on the Ad Victoriam Salesforce Simplified podcast and talked about common, but not always obvious reasons people don’t use and adopt CRMs, including Salesforce CRM. Michael is also the author of the books, “How Not To F*ck Up A CRM System: Learning From Others Mistakes” and “How Not To F*ck Up Artificial Intelligence & CRM Systems: Maximizing ROI With AI.”

Here are some audio snippets from our conversation with Michael.

Reasons People Resist Using or Adopting a CRM System

“A level of paranoia” is one thing Michael says contributes to people resisting using or adopting a CRM system such as Salesforce.

How Culture and Communication Create CRM Adoption Roadblocks

We were curious to know Michael’s thoughts on how a company’s existing culture and communication styles can oftentimes inadvertently create roadblocks to CRM adoption. There are a few things here that may surprise you!

Underestimating the Potential Benefits of a CRM

Oh, those pesky misconceptions! Michael shares his thoughts on some of the common misconceptions about the value proposition of a CRM that leads people to underestimate its potential benefits.

Trusting Data Accuracy

Can a lack of trust in data accuracy or security within the company lead to resistance to implementing a CRM system? Here’s Michael’s take on that hot topic…

Salesforce Sales GenAI

How AdVic Can Help

Adding a CRM can serve as a key driver of digital transformation for your company, and the Salesforce® consulting team here at AdVic® has years of experience implementing and integrating systems with great success. Perhaps we can help you make the case to your stakeholders about the benefits of a CRM. We’re excited to get you there! Next step? Let’s talk!

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