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Sales is Not a 'Churn and Burn,' It's a Partnership
Mar 30, 2021
Sales is Not a ‘Churn and Burn,’ It’s a Partnership

As the world evolves in the way we buy and sell, now more than ever is the time for sales teams to focus on relationships and genuinely understanding the needs of our customers in order to fulfill their needs, and provide them with solutions to help expand their businesses. To that end, in a recent […]

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Apr 28, 2020
4 Ways Salesforce CRM Improves Lead Conversions

When done right, a CRM implementation (Customer Relationship Management system) can significantly improve a business’s success with lead conversions, while also performing a number of different functionalities. In the marketing and sales world, CRM helps in nurturing leads and build better long-standing relationships with customers even before interactions with the sales team happen. Ultimately what […]

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