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AdVic Earns B Corporation Recertification

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This May, Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic®) will proudly celebrate our 10th anniversary. But there is another milestone we’re proud of in 2024… We’ve recertified as a B Corporation!

B Corps, as they’re known, are companies certified to meet the highest standards of performance in five key categories: corporate governance, worker impact, community impact, environmental impact, and customer transparency. To certify, companies must take the B Impact Assessment – and trust us – the review process is rigorous!

As part of the commitment to continuous improvement, companies must recertify, which means taking the assessment in its entirety, every three years. Having first certified in 2018, this is now our third successful application, a testament to the team we’ve built and the commitment we’ve made to serve them and the communities we operate in. 

Our B Corp journey goes back to 2015 when AdVic was still in its infancy and an early stage quite familiar to the IT startup space; a couple of people working out of a basement at the founder’s home. As they grew the business and thought about the type of company they wanted to collectively build, AdVic CEO Jeff Jones found an article about B Corps, and the idea was born. 

A Focus on Impact Improvement

So what has it meant for AdVic? Where do we get our points and how have we used the assessment to improve our business and its impact? Here are just a few examples of what we’ve implemented and improved upon:

Equitable Pay & Benefits:

  • Our pay multiplier is in the lowest bracket of 1-4x, meaning our highest-paid team member makes no more than four times what our lowest-paid team member is paid. To put that in perspective, the average Fortune 500 CEO makes 272x what their lowest-paid team member makes.
  • Developing New Skills: The average “AdVician” received 5-9 days of training in 2022, with over 75% of team members participating. 
  • Health Insurance: With a 100% paid employee premium, over 75% of our employees are signed up for company-provided healthcare.

Community Impact:  

  • 1,552 hours of volunteer time in 2022 and the combined equivalent of 1.6% of revenue donated in the form of volunteer hours, pro bono consulting, and charitable donations.
AdVic Road Clean Up Team
AdVic team members volunteer time several times a year to pick up trash along our adopted highway, McFarland Road, which connects our two offices in Alpharetta, GA.
  • We helped launch B Local Georgia back in 2018 and have been supporters ever since. As a result, the state has grown from eight B Corps to over 30, creating collaborative opportunities with other purpose- & profit-driven businesses like ours.

Environmental Impact:

  • Since our first recertification in 2021, we’ve partnered with We Are Neutral to offset our Scopes 1-3 emissions. Working with a trusted partner, we know our carbon credits are doing important work to sequester harmful greenhouse gases.

“Good Business is Good For Business”

The most important part of our B Corp certification is being able to prove that doing business the right way has been good for business. From those early days in the basement, we’ve grown AdVic to a team of over 100 of the most talented Salesforce® professionals, working from our offices in suburban Atlanta and home offices across the country. We take care of – and listen closely to – our clients and customers, and continue to lead by example in our industry. 

As B Lab, the nonprofit body behind the certification gets ready to release the next iteration of their standards in early 2025, we’re excited to see what lies ahead and we’re ready for the challenge. And we welcome you to join us on this journey. 

AdVic would like to thank Nathan Stuck and his company, Profitable Purpose Consulting, for guiding us through the B Corporation recertification process.

If you’re interested in learning more about our dedicated team of Salesforce® professionals, please don’t hesitate to reach out

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