Unlock Profitability with Rebate Management

Unlock Profitability with Rebate Management

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AdVic was excited and proud to have been on the forefront of the Salesforce Rebate Management program, providing feedback, building out use cases and setting up the system. We were one of just seven partners recommended by Salesforce® to implement this new program.

With Salesforce Rebate Management, your business can efficiently build and scale incentive programs, while also nurturing trusted channel partner relationships. The infographic below (which you can instantly download here – no-form to fill out) shows what this system can do for your business to help you gain the competitive edge you need.

Salesforce Rebate Management

And By the Way… It Pairs with Other Salesforce Products

If you are wondering if Salesforce Rebate Management pairs well with other Salesforce products, it does!

Experience Cloud:

  • Securely share incentive program performance with channel partners.
  • Develop trusted, mutually-beneficial partner relationships.
  • Provide attainment, payout, and program visibility with a single source of truth.

Tableau CRM for Manufacturing:

  • Analyze incentivize program performance and ROI within the CRM.
  • Optimize and improve profitability of key incentive programs.
  • Find actionable insights and recommendations for account teams and channel partners.

Ready to build or optimize your Rebate Management program? AdVic’s consultants are standing by to help you easily build and scale your incentive programs. Contact us here.

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