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Salesforce Rebate Management

Unlock Rebate Program Visibility and Profitability

Salesforce Rebate Management was designed for organizations with complex sales channels and incentive programs. Rebate programs drive profitability and optimize channel sales – that is, when they work the way they are meant to work. Programs only succeed if organizations provide the intelligent visibility to sales teams and channel partners that enables them to upsell, identify cross-sell opportunities, and drive the right behaviors.

Salesforce Rebate Management

How Can We...

Optimize Profitability
Digitize Rebate Payouts
Visualize ROI
Securely Share Data
Quickly Pivot
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What Can a Rebate Lifecycle on One Platform Do?

Rebate Management
Empower Sales Teams to Maximize Customers’ Incentive Attainment

Quickly identify cross-sell opportunities and gain a holistic view of attainment progress alongside valuable account information within the CRM.

Provide Channel Partner Visibility into Incentive Programs

Share threshold attainment with partners and drive the right behaviors with transparency into program performance, while collaborating via partner portals.

Optimize & Automate Incentive Programs with Intelligent Analytics

Model and analyze rebate programs while leveraging recommendations to drive upsells with the right offers.

Rebate Management is Valuable

Any company wanting to implement or fine-tune their rebate management program can gain value from Salesforce’s Rebate Management solution. Here are two examples:

Salesforce Rebate Management

Retail / Consumer Goods Industry

Rebate Management helps retail and consumer goods companies drive transparency with real-time, holistic views of rebate programs that are aligned with sales agreements. They drive and reward desired channel behavior and also drive top-line growth by encouraging regular purchasing and bigger baskets.

Salesforce Rebate Management

Manufacturing Industry

Rebate Management empowers manufacturers to reduce manual processes, drive top-line growth and scale incentive programs. They can gain an accurate view of business performance, demand forecasts and channel sales, in addition to securely sharing incentive information with channel partners to build trust.


Rebate Management

Why AdVic?

As one of the few members of the Salesforce Rebate Management pilot team, we were building and testing business use cases, providing feedback on the functionality, and also implementing the program before it was launched.

Salesforce relied on feedback during the pilot, which gives us the ground-floor knowledge and expertise to create effective Rebate solutions for you. Salesforce highlights Ad Victoriam as a trusted Rebate Management Partner.

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Ready To:
  • Understand profitability
  • View program and product performance
  • Automate rebate calculations, accruals and payouts
  • Securely share AI-driven insights
  • Provide visibility within a single source of truth