Customer Success Stories: Securing Scalability for a Residential Home Builder Through Pardot



A residential home builder that constructs high-end, luxury and customizable houses recently expanded to also build lower price point starter residential homes with fewer customized options.

  • # of Employees: 500-1000
  • Location: Roswell, GA
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Go Live Date: 12/12/2016

A residential home builder in Georgia recently expanded their organization with a new business unit. They chose to partner with us because they needed to track all lead-to-deal sales within their existing database, along with implementing a marketing automation solution that would segment their new business unit prospects from their current customers and leads.

Read this case study to see the results:

The Story

A local real estate developer decided to bring on a new business unit. Rather than sharing two databases, however, they wanted everything inside of one Salesforce organization. There were numerous technological obstacles we had to overcome in order to achieve this.

The Challenge

  • There were two separate business processes per business unit (BU).
  • One BU’s sales processes were much quicker than the other.
  • One BU didn’t have an internet concierge to set appointments and instead passed this task over to the Customer Service Manager who then divvied it out to reps.
  • Even though reduced visibility to end sales user at an executive level was set up well, they still needed to be able to achieve a 360 degree view of all BU’s.
  • They had two Pardot instances – each managing one unit’s prospects – but they wanted to pass it all into one Salesforce org.
  • Their Salesforce org was mature and required lots of data and customization to be updated.
  • Automation led to many errors and third-party apps were confusing the data.
  • Customer did not have visibility into what lived in their system and why. We had to conduct an extensive analysis.
  • Batch jobs were timing out due to tasks reaching their limits.
  • They gave us a tight timeline of a month.

Our Solution

  • We performed a comprehensive analysis to understand back-end processes.
  • We deployed complex sharing and permission settings.
  • We configured different record types and sharing settings to reduce visibility as well as optimize the lead and opportunity processes.
  • We took into account different end user roles when setting and configuring sharing settings.
  • We optimized the client’s code and workflow automation.
  • We combined and consolidated page layout fields to be more generic for use across multiple BU’s in order to increase scalability should they continue bringing on more Business Units
  • By reducing permissions and visibility for Pardot integration users and adjusting sharing rules, we were able to ensure data synced with the correct BU.
  • We also had to adjust record types that the integration user had access to. We wanted to ensure that only the correct Salesforce end user would see the Business Unit they were apart of.
  • We consolidated automations by eliminating conflicting and duplicate automations in different formats.

The Value/Results

  • We gave the client one Salesforce org to maintain for efficiency and reduced overhead costs.
  • We gave client greater visibility into multiple business units while still respecting sharing settings.
  • We implemented two separate marketing automation Pardot apps that the client can manage separately on the marketing end, which helps keeps them more organized.
  • We facilitated Pardot setup and configuration for the new BU.

Scalability is key to the future success of any business. By leveraging enterprise solutions like Salesforce, Pardot and marketing automation tools, we were able to help this residential home builder create a sustainable blueprint for expansion.

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