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Meet Ike Wagh: Salesforce Content Creation

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In this episode of “Salesforce Simplified” we’re talking with Independent Salesforce Content Creator Ike Wagh about the amazing, creative, and oftentimes funny independent Salesforce-centered content that he creates.

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Speaker 1:
This is Salesforce Simplified, the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions.

Mike Boyle:
Did you ever have one of those days where you had a really great find? Maybe you were trolling LinkedIn one day, or maybe you were trolling looking for some videos on YouTube? Well, if you can relate, that’s exactly what happened to me, and that’s how I found today’s guest on the Salesforce Simplified podcast.

Hi, I’m Mike Boyle from Ad Victoriam Solutions, and today I’m thrilled that we have independent Salesforce content creator Ike Wagh with us. Ike creates some amazing, creative, and oftentimes very funny, independent Salesforce-centered content, and I wanted to introduce you to him, make you aware of him. Hello, Ike, how are you? Welcome to the podcast. It’s great to have you with us.

Ike Wagh:
Hey, Mike, this is fun. Glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me.

Mike Boyle:
Before we start, let’s talk a little bit about Ike. Your background, talk to me about your Salesforce pedigree, if you will.

Ike Wagh:
Sure. So, it’s definitely been a journey, been about in the ecosystem since around 2014, ’15, and since then it’s just been a progression of roles. I was the sales end user and then the sales operations, Salesforce admin, Salesforce CPQ consultant, ISV partner and now finally, I am a content creator full-time.

Mike Boyle:
So, it’s safe to say you know of what you speak when you create your content.

Ike Wagh:
Definitely been around.

Mike Boyle:
Ike, what inspired you to become a Salesforce content creator and how did you get started?

Ike Wagh:
Yeah, so of all of the roles I’ve had, there was always something missing. There was a creative itch that just couldn’t be scratched. Even if I could architect the most amazing thing, or at least in my opinion, if I was proud of it, there’s still something missing. So one day I was thinking, “You know what? Let me just…” I was actually, this was when I was a CPQ consultant, I thought, “I’m just going to start a YouTube channel.”

And I think maybe there’s an audience that wants to see some reviews of apps because I’m always into new tools and trying to find new fun ways to solve problems, and I’m just going to make five-minute reviews of apps. And that was how everything started. So it really started with just putting myself out there making YouTube video app reviews.

Mike Boyle:
Well, tell me about how you stay up to date on the latest Salesforce trends and best practices, and how do you incorporate those things into the content that you put out there?

Ike Wagh:
Yeah, so it’s really all about LinkedIn. The Salesforce Ohana is strangely huge LinkedIn fans, basically. So if I’m looking for trends, it comes down to what’s on my LinkedIn feed and also shout out to the Salesforce Ben team. They’re great. So basically between those two resources, I can keep up with what’s going on and all the news.

So, in terms of how does that go into my content, I’ll explain this. Basically, it comes down to two things and I mix the two together, it’s kind of the secret sauce. There is an inspiration that you get from a feeling, and then I mix it with inspiration that is just something that is not related to Salesforce and it’s kind of more fun and creative parts.

So throughout my experience in all these previous roles, there have been plenty of times where something didn’t work. Where there’s an awkward conversation with a client or just something didn’t go well, or maybe something went great, but there’s a feeling there. There’s a feeling from experience.

And next, I’ll mix that with something totally unrelated. Maybe there’s a TV show that I’m watching or something my wife likes to do, maybe some TV shows that she likes. And so I’ll mix a feeling with something that just inspires me and I’ll put them together and that’s how I come up with a lot of my content. And that’s why I’ll have a lot of TV show sketches that have to do with Salesforce. They’re totally absurd, but that’s how things come together and I think that’s what makes them kind of unique.

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