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Highlights from the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release

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In this episode of Salesforce Simplified we’re talking with Salesforce Ben’s Courses & Community Director Christine Marshall about some of her favorite new things inside Salesforce’s Summer ‘23 Release. 

In addition to her Salesforce Ben duties, Christine is a 8x Salesforce-Certified Evangelist, who also serves as a Salesforce Admin Group leader and has been named – several times – as a Salesforce MVP.

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This is Salesforce Simplified, the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions. Here’s your host, Mike Boyle.

Mike Boyle:
I just cannot believe that we’re going to be talking about summer. Weren’t we just talking about spring not too long ago? Hi everyone. Welcome to the Salesforce Simplified podcast. I’m so thrilled that we’re again having the opportunity to today talk with Salesforce Ben’s Courses and Community Director, Christine Marshall, about some of her favorite new things that are tucked inside Salesforce’s Summer ’23 release. Now, if you don’t know, in addition to her Salesforce Ben duties, Christine is a seven times Salesforce certified evangelist and she also serves as a Salesforce admin group leader and has been named numerous times as a Salesforce MVP. Welcome back to the Salesforce Simplified Podcast. Christine, how are you? Ready for summer?

Christine Marshall:
Thank you, Mike. Thank you for having me back. And I’m based in the UK so it’s never too early to talk about summer. I am reporting in today from a very gray and cloudy Bristol.

Mike Boyle:
Well, the sun will come out tomorrow, I think is the way the song goes. So, for those who are listening who may not know, salesforceben.com is a one-stop knowledge center to learn about all things Salesforce. And in addition to all the terrific Salesforce related articles that you’ll find there, and believe me, you’ll get lost. You’ll be gone for days. There’s a helpful get a job section and there is something that’s really near and dear to your heart, Christine, and that’s the get certified section. Why don’t you tell folks about that if they’re not familiar with it?

Christine Marshall:
Absolutely. Well, my passion is helping people, especially at the beginning of their journey with Salesforce, entry level people transitioning into a Salesforce career. So, I really focus a lot on associates, admin, content, advanced admin, and it can be very overwhelming for people that are new to the ecosystem to know where to start, how to get certified, which certifications to get. So, we have this central page called “get certified”, which provides you with all of the information you need to explain certifications and the best ways to get certified, how to swot up for those exams, and lots and lots of tips about how to pass them because they are incredibly daunting.

But in addition to our get certified page, we also have the Salesforce Ben courses website. This is where we provide additional material to help people with their certifications and also with their skill building. So, we offer practice exam packs and also written and video courses for people. We actually have a whole bunch of free courses that a lot of people may not be aware of. In particular, our free associate course is on there and we also have a free migrate to Flow course as well. We are thrilled because we recently crossed over 20,000 students, so we are absolutely loving the fact that we’re able to help so many people on their Salesforce journey.

Mike Boyle:
Yeah, that’s terrific. Congratulations on that. And I get a kick, like on LinkedIn, people will do posts and they proudly display their Salesforce certificate and they thank Salesforce Ben. I think that’s really cool. Congrats on all that. And again, for those who want to check that out, it’s SalesforceBen.com.

So, Christine, before we get into some of the Summer ’23 highlights, I always ask you this one question, did you feel after digesting all of this that there was one main focus or theme to this release as there has been in the past?

Christine Marshall:
Initially, I didn’t feel that there was a central theme. I felt like it bounced around with lots and lots of enhancements in lots of different areas, and I think we’re going to see that when we cover some of the top ones today. But that said, I do think there is a massive push on moving permissions from profiles to permission sets. So, we are seeing a lot of work on that and I think that’s because of the passion of the team. They’re headed up by Cheryl Feldman. She is so super passionate about making user management better for us all and she’s really spearheading this campaign to move things forward, so we’re definitely seeing a lot of ramping up on that.

Mike Boyle:
Okay. So, let’s go through some of these Summer ’23 release features that you would like to highlight. There’s eight of them, and this first one is Dynamic Forms for Mobile in beta. What do you see in there?

Christine Marshall:
So, I have been following and writing about dynamic forms for several years now, and they’ve been gradually improving. First of all it was just custom objects, then we had some standard objects. What’s been missing is that dynamic forms hasn’t been available for mobile, but that is coming. So, it’s now available, it will be available in beta for mobile from Summer ’23 and I think it’s another reason to start looking at using dynamic forms.

Mike Boyle:
Number two on our list is headlined Align Fields Horizontally in Field Sections.

Christine Marshall:
I was thinking about this when planning for the podcast and I thought this is a really hard one to explain with just words and no images, but this is actually my favorite enhancement from the release. It’s so simple, but it makes such a difference to the user experience and the way the page looks and feels. So, what this is doing is it’s the ability to align fields horizontally. And what it means is that if you’ve got two columns on a page layout, it will align the fields correctly. So, the field in the left-hand column and the field in the right-hand column will align as you see them when you edit the page. What happens at the moment is you set them all up and edit and it looks fine and then you save it, and then if you’ve got a bigger field like an address field or a text field, they don’t align properly. But this tweak, this lovely little enhancement, fixes that problem.

Mike Boyle:
I’ll just remind folks, Christine, that tucked inside this episode notes will be a link to the Summer ’23 release notes and you can just look that up. I believe when they open up that particular note that they’ll see the imagery that you’re talking about. It’ll give them an example of what you’ve been talking about. Number three on our list of eight, enhance your visualizations with images, rich text, and dashboard widgets. That’s a mouthful.

Christine Marshall:
It is indeed. Now unfortunately this is available for unlimited edition only, but I’m hoping that if I talk about it enough, we can apply pressure to Salesforce to release it to other editions as well. But what this means is you can add things like rich text components and images onto your dashboards to make them very, very engaging. So, I’m hoping that that will maybe become maybe available to everyone at some point because I honestly think it will impress users, stakeholders, and it’s going to increase user adoption and engagement.

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