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Creating a Healthier World with Salesforce

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Doctors, nurses, schedulers, and other healthcare professionals have played an intricate part in ensuring our safety throughout the recent healthcare industry challenges. During this time, healthcare has become disrupted and the industry needed innovation quickly. From in-person visits, pick-ups at the pharmacy, and an influx of ICU patients, they adopted new ways to care for everyone. How did they do this? Technology. 

In response to patients’ needs, companies frantically pivoted to digital investments to meet demands. Today, consumers are comfortable receiving services and care online to monitor their health. Digital empowered consumers to control their health online or on apps. Everything from appointments with primary care physicians and specialists, test results, insurance, and more. To bring ease of use and a patient-centric experience, organizations have been investing in digital transformations that enable their users to be satisfied. 

Having a 360 view of patient information allows providers to deliver proper care to patients. Nowadays, patients want to control their health plans on the go, so having a unified platform where all their medical data lives is crucial. 

Scale Patient Management 

Salesforce’s CRM technology benefits marketers, sales teams, service teams, and life-saving professionals. To scale patient management in a way that maintains patient data with integrity and personalizes the patient experience, many providers have turned to Salesforce®

Further, Salesforce enables a 360-degree view of each healthcare consumer and that helps professionals to better understand the unique needs of every individual patient. It also allows doctors to intervene proactively in patient health programs on a secure channel for continued solutions for improved well-being outcomes. 

A Healthcare Success Story

A recent AdVic® healthcare client in the pharma sector was dissatisfied with their eCommerce platform, Magento. They had a complex product catalog and associated pricing challenges. In addition, they were unable to offer search functionality to meet their customers’ precise needs, track products to the lot number level, integrate data, or scale their business. Their primary goal was to expose all product options within a highly searchable catalog to enable customers to acquire products that meet their very specific needs.

We were able to solve their issues with a four-step process:

  • Implemented a B2B Commerce storefront and integrated it with their existing Sales Cloud instance.
  • Created a dynamic catalog exposing products based on chosen product and patient-based filters, including patient traits, diagnosis, sample type, and more.
  • Developed backorder allowances on particular products that altered customers, but enabled order progression to capture the sale.
  • Enhanced searchability/filtering that now drives users through the process.


Technology, specifically Salesforce’s CRM technology, has played a crucial role in transforming and improving healthcare during the pandemic and continues today. With the recent disruptions, healthcare professionals needed innovative solutions to ensure patient safety. Companies were quickly able to pivot to digital investments, enabling virtual visits, remote patient monitoring, and streamlined access to medical information online. Salesforce’s CRM technology provides a 360-degree view of patient information, allowing providers to deliver personalized care and interventions. The importance of digital transformations in the healthcare industry and the positive impact it has had on patient experiences and well-being outcomes cannot be overstated.

How AdVic Can Help

Salesforce for Healthcare enables a seamless and personalized patient experience that drives better patient outcomes. From call center interaction to self-service apps, patients are met with quicker solutions and connected to proper care. 

When you’re ready to design a roadmap that connects your systems  – one that keeps your data secure, and accelerates patient satisfaction – the AdVic® Healthcare Consulting Team has you covered. We have earned both the Level One designation for Healthcare and the Level One designation for Salesforce Health Cloud™ – demonstrating that we’re a partner who has the knowledge and capacity to consistently produce high-level success for healthcare clients. Schedule a time to speak with us today.

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