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AdVic Empowered Minority Football Coaches

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The National Football League (NFL) is predominately made up of Black players. However, as of this blog’s publish date, there is only one NFL Black head coach, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Tomlin. 

The National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches  (NCMFC) recognized the lack of diversity in the NFL leadership, and the lack of coaching training available for minorities. NCMFC was created to advocate and educate minority coaches to level the playing field for more coaching opportunities. Their goal is to empower these coaches by giving them a voice and building a community where they are supported. They offer training and events to directly address this issue.

Established in June of 2020, to achieve their goal of preparing, promoting, and producing minority football coaches (of all levels) required technology that allowed them to visualize customer data, and manage it in one place. NCMFC is a membership-based nonprofit that grew exponentially quickly. Within their first year, they had close to 1,000 members, so being able to effectively coordinate events, and manage membership renewal was a priority. The solution to overcoming siloed data was getting Salesforce® for their organization. 

As a small nonprofit, NCMFC relies heavily on advisors in the technology, marketing, legal, and finance worlds to enhance their business practices. When it was time to implement Salesforce for their organization, an advisor recommended AdVic as a partner. With excitement, we jumped onboard this pro bono project to integrate Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack into their organization. 

“The team I worked with at AdVic was incredible. Every single one of them was attentive, always on-time, and completed assignments well-ahead of deadlines. I was really lucky with the people I was working with.”

– Raj Kudchadkar, Executive Director, NCMFC

Here are the positive changes the NCMFC team witnessed immediately: 

  • An event, sponsored by Under Armour, required the team to segment members by demographic and region. With the work performed by AdVic, they were able to eliminate the manual work of spreadsheets and multiple systems to have this done instantaneously.
  • Custom-built dashboards were created to enable the executive team to see members in all of their data ranging from birthdays to location. 
  • The introduction of automation to their company saved them valuable time. By incorporating Salesforce in their org, their members are now receiving automated messages regarding renewals, invites, and personalized messages that help foster relationships.

When your team is ready for technology that connects disconnected systems, saves time, and fulfills your company mission, connect with AdVic. We’ve got you covered!

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