Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Billing with Salesforce CPQ

Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Billing with Salesforce CPQ

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Salesforce Billing™ is an add-on package that builds on the existing Salesforce CPQ™ package to allow for users to invoice orders coming out of the sales completed through CPQ. By bringing Finance into the same platform as Sales, organizational silos are reduced to provide your customers with the best experience possible. In Salesforce Billing, Finance can automatically generate invoices, take payments, apply tax, and issue any needed debit/credit notes. 

Let’s explore the top reasons to use Salesforce Billing.

Reason 1: Flexible Billing for Each Customer

Oftentimes, there is always at least one customer with exceptions to the standard billing rules. For example, some customers may want to be billed in specific intervals while others may want to be billed on specific dates. Salesforce Billing offers a litany of invoice frequency options in addition to the ability to manually generate invoices in the event a customer has a unique billing situation. This empowers finance to have the flexibility they need to ensure a great customer experience. 

Reason 2: Streamlined Order-to-Invoice Conversion

When selling and billing occurs in separate systems it takes longer to begin collecting payments on sales. By extending Salesforce CPQ with Salesforce Billing, Finance can be sure that pricing rules and prorations are correctly applied by the CPQ engine. They are then able to seamlessly generate any needed invoices and reference the sale records first-hand without any back-and-forth delay of getting details on a sale from the Sales Rep. 

Reason 3: Simplify Usage and Time-based Subscription Products

As many business models shift to a Subscription-based model, billing does not have to be difficult. Managing these selling models introduces complexity with upgrades, renewals, prorations, add-ons and so forth. Thankfully, Salesforce Billing with CPQ is expressly designed to manage these complex quoting and billing needs. With CPQ, complex deals can be managed by the system to ensure that there are no questions in terms of product requirements or proration. These deals can then be seamlessly handed off to finance flowing directly into the Billing Package.

At AdVic™, our Salesforce® consultants will take a dive deep into your sales operations to understand the best ways to target your customer base so that a CPQ, along with Billing, integration will revolutionize your sales process. Let us show you how we’ll do that today.

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