The Value of Good Customer Excellence for Manufacturers

The Value of Good Customer Excellence for Manufacturers

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Whether a customer is leaving a comment with a chatbot or having an initial conversation with a sales rep, they both define their experience with your company. Every touchpoint with customers influences their attitude towards your brand.  Why does this matter? It matters because Customer Excellence drives customer loyalty, advocacy, and retention. 

What Does Good Customer Excellence Look Like?

Good Customer Excellence is consistent. It coordinates with your brand values, builds trust with your customers, and is enjoyable throughout every stage in the sales funnel. It has a lasting effect on your customers that fuels recommendations and loyalty. 

It starts with knowing your customers and crafting experiences unique to their needs. If your customers are tech-savvy they may appreciate chatbots, and social channels to communicate with service reps. Or they may rely on traditional phone conversations. Either way, appealing to your customers results in positive experiences and good impressions. Of course, creating an environment that appeals to customers requires research data and training, however it can be done. 

Customer Excellence takes both internal and external effort. The employee experience directly determines Customer Excellence. That means employees should work in a setting that reflects the goal of Customer Excellence. Cultivating a positive work culture means empowering employees, and providing them with a clear understanding of your company’s goals. It takes collaboration, training, and an integrated effort to attack. 

Overcoming Friction In Customer Excellence

Hiccups and delays in projects are inevitable. There may be miscommunication, downtime in software, or maybe someone had an unexpected day-off. Either of these can lead to delays in projects, however, there is a way to overcome frustration from your clients. Communication. Easier said than done, however, being available to your customers is pivotal in maintaining their trust and satisfying their needs. 

Businesses across all industries have faced many challenges that have disrupted their relationship with customers. Recently, manufacturers were hit hard. From supply chain shortages to downtime in technology, or siloed systems, it was imperative that manufacturers found a way to reconstruct their relationship with customers. 

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud™ offers cloud solutions tailored to bridge the gap between customers and manufacturers. How? Take a look at the illustrations below for some of the benefits of a Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud solution. 

Manufacturing Cloud Features

With an Expert Level in Customer Excellence in Manufacturing and our position on the Salesforce Partner Advisory Board for Manufacturing, the AdVic Team is uniquely qualified to help your company streamline operations, increase transparency, improve forecasting, and much more. Why not talk to us today about making a Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud solution work for your business? We’re just a click away!

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