What You Need to Know About Slack

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Slack and Salesforce® have spearheaded a newfound innovation in the way that employees communicate, connect and collaborate. From internal marketing teams to recruiters connecting with new talent, Slack offers unmatched flexibility that allows all parties to communicate swiftly with their instant messaging capabilities, or their built-in video and voice capabilities. Slack also offers “Huddles” so that teams can all join impromptu meetings with a click of a button.

We use Slack at AdVic® to quickly chat with the team about projects and to share the latest Salesforce updates, plus we also use it to connect with clients to help serve them better… but Slack can be used for so much more! 

We’ve created this infographic below – which you can download here – to highlight the awesome functionality of Slack.

What You Need to Know About Slack

For all businesses, no matter the size or industry, Slack has the tools that will increase collaboration and productivity. Do you wonder how we know? As mentioned earlier, not only do we use it here at AdVic , but we also have certified consultants that have implemented Slack into organizations and they love it! If you are ready to take that step, reach us here today.

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