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Unlocking Value: How Salesforce Translates into ROI

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On a recent episode of the Ad Victoriam Salesforce Simplified podcast, the topic was Salesforce ROI. Our guest was Josh Eich, Senior VP and Head of Enterprise Sales at Ironclad, a company that deals in contract management software. Here are just a few of the highlights from that conversation.

Hindering the Potential of Salesforce ROI – The Biggest Mistakes

Early in our conversation with Josh, we wanted his thoughts on the biggest mistakes companies often make when implementing Salesforce, the ones that might hinder the potential of ROI.

Overcoming The Struggles Companies Have with User Adoption

Maximizing user adoption is something companies struggle with when implementing Salesforce solutions. We asked Josh to talk about some effective strategies for encouraging user buy-in and engagement.

Leveraging Data and Analytics

We thought it important to ask Josh how businesses can leverage data and analytics within Salesforce to drive very specific ROI-focused outcomes.

The Cost Effectiveness of Salesforce

For companies considering Salesforce, oftentimes a key question is: what are some cost-effective ways of getting started with Salesforce and still achieving a positive ROI? Here’s how Josh handles that question…

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