Case Study: First Class Salesforce Solutions for Travel Inc.

Case Study: First Class Salesforce Solutions for Travel Inc.


Travel Inc. – an innovative travel management organization that provides “personalized consultations with travel executives, procurement, security and risk management and travelers” – was already using Salesforce, but it wasn’t living up to their expectations. They needed a Salesforce solutions partner to evaluate their current business process and refactor their processes to increase efficiency and accelerate productivity. Overview of the case study.

  • # of Employees: 200-500
  • Location: Duluth, Ga
  • Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Go Live Date: 12/16/2016
  • Website:

Travel Incorporated, an innovative travel management organization, approached Ad Victoriam Solutions when they realized they weren’t leveraging the full potential of their existing Salesforce solution.

Case Study: Read to find out how we upgraded their Salesforce platform from coach to first-class.

The Story

For more than 36 years, Travel Incorporated has “proven the value of a managed travel program by providing innovative solutions combined with a personalized strategy.” The company specializes in local, national and global travel management solutions, promising to partner with their clients based on corporate culture and unique business objectives.

When Travel Inc. approached AVS, they had already been using Salesforce but it was not living up to their expectations. They needed a certified Salesforce solutions partner to evaluate their current business process and refactor their processes to increase efficiency and accelerate productivity.

The Challenge

  • Travel Inc. couldn’t track information relating to their sales cycle and business process.
  • They only focused on working with the Opportunity object in Salesforce. However, that wasn’t capturing all of the information they needed and was causing frustration.
  • In the past, they worked with a previous firm but did not like the results as that firm over-complicated their process with extra fields which created too much redundancy.

Our Solution

  • AVS cleaned and simplified Travel Inc.’s page layouts and fields, creating a more streamlined process.
  • We enabled their sales team to go in and work in the stage that was appropriate for their specific sales cycle.
  • We sectioned out the page layout based on the stage.
  • We required fields and sections based on where they were in the sales cycle.
  • We enforced certain fields that had to be complete before they could move on to the next section.
  • We created better automation through Salesforce’s Process Builder (Professional edition), which allowed them more efficiency in their day-to-day activities.
  • Before, the team was only using the Opportunities object. However, we introduced the team to the importance of Lead/Lead Conversion to Opportunity for better sales cycle tracking.
  • We also trained and educated Travel Inc. on the benefits of migrating their team over to the new Lightning User interface.
  • We worked with their team to implement brand new technology – Gmail integration, beta spring, etc.
  • We created new Reports and Dashboards for tracking, along with training documentation.
  • We setup and configured the beta release for Google Integration: Sync Google Calendar™ Events to Salesforce Without Installing Software (Beta).

The Value/Results

Travel Inc. is now better able to manage and track their Lead to Opportunity business process from beginning to end. Sales has detailed reporting on where opportunities are being driven from, along with amount and timing of sales activities generated. With the enablement of the Salesforce Lightning Experience user interface, sales now has the tools they need to make them more productive and drive their business forward faster.

“Jake, you sir are a Salesforce wizard!” said Jonathan Springer, Senior Sales Manager at Travel Inc. “Jason is really excited to see the dashboards. Thank you very much.”

You’re very welcome Jonathan! We hope you and everyone at Travel Inc. enjoy your new Salesforce solutions!

If you want to learn how we can help your business or organization fully leverage your Salesforce solutions, contact the experienced consultants at Ad Victoriam Solutions. We can tackle any challenge you can throw at us!

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