Customer Success Story: How We Helped a World-Class Game Development Studio Leverage Custom Data Solutions


A world-class independent game development studio hired us to help equip their team with the right data solutions that would allow them to create new standards for their respective genres as well as groundbreaking original IPs.

  • # of Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Plano, Texas
  • Industry: Computer Games
  • Go Live Date: 3/31/2016

A world-class computer games development studio based out of Texas recently had a need to migrate their analytics solution to something that more tightly integrates and scales with their business, so they reached out to us.

Read the case study to find out how we were able to help provide effective long-term data solutions.

The Story

When this computer games development studio had a need to migrate their analytics solution to something that more tightly integrates and scales with their business, they called us.

In addition, the company needed guidance on Analytics Tool selection for internal and external analytics that would allow self-service for a majority of analytics needs.

The Challenge

The company’s existing analytics solutions leveraged MongoDB and was relatively difficult to extend and leverage as their product grew. Additionally, they leveraged a custom-code solution for reporting and analytics that required development resources to create new reporting artifacts or satisfy on-demand information needs.

Our Solution

Ad Victoriam Solutions designed and built a custom solution leveraging Amazon Redshift for data storage. This provided a data warehousing solution that could scale with their business and allow costs to scale as their needs grew.

Additionally, we delivered a series of Proof-of-Concept (PoC) dashboards in Klipfolio to provide initial analytics and self-service capabilities.

Finally, we participated in the tool selection process with the game development studio to find a long-term self-service analytics tool. Tableau was the final selection for this process to meet their long-term analytics and reporting needs.

The Value/Results

Analytics can now be developed outside of the product release schedule. Additionally, as the games go-live and release new capabilities, analytics can be performed near-real-time and on-demand to answer new question and gain new insights in a nimble and self-service manner.

Ad Victoriam Solutions is thrilled to partner with companies from all types of industries, including world-class computer game development companies. Let us solve your data and technology challenges through innovative custom solutions built for your business in mind. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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