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Salesforce Introduces Generative AI Tools for Marketers

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When we look back at 2023 it will be the year that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) changed how people work. Marketers will be most likely some of the most affected by this brand new technology. Salesforce® is one of the companies investing in this new functionality announcing at its June Connections event in Chicago that Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT will become widely available by the end of the year. These new applications are powered by Einstein GPT — the AI-powered set of solutions that marries Salesforce AI with OpenAI’s technology and will undoubtedly change the way marketers do their job, from creating audiences to promoting products dynamically in email and on their eCommerce sites.  

Tools Highlights

One of the most exciting reveals from the Connections event was that marketers will soon be able to leverage conversational prompts, similar to ChatGPT’s functionality, to create audience segments. Plus marketers will have the ability to select AI-created segments to help bolster engagement and campaign performance. Powered by Salesforce’s Data Cloud, this new functionality will save time and reduce the need of having to create SQL queries or other reports to get the audiences they are looking to target. 

Salesfroce Introduces Generative AI Tools fro Marketers - Ad Victoriam Salesforce Blog - Tools Highlights

Once the audience has been created, marketers will be able to create engaging content through Marketing GPT’s conversational prompts and Salesforce’s new partnership with Typeface, a new AI startup that applies generative AI to content creation. These features will use existing campaign data and leverage it to determine what content worked best in previous campaigns and create test versions for new campaigns.  

To complete the customer’s journey marketers can also leverage the AI-driven shopping experiences through Commerce GPT. These will include personalized buying journeys based on product availability, past customer interactions, and business goals. Every customer’s experience with an organization will be personalized and customized to ensure the customers have the best experience with the products and promotions they want to see. 

Hours Saved – Questions Remain

So, what does that mean for marketers? Ideally, these new GPT applications will save marketers hours and hours of work, between having to create content, copy, run reports or create SQL queries to get to the data they need to make informed decisions. Instead, marketers will be able to generate data driven campaigns in a matter of hours (minutes?) through conversational prompts. They will be able to spend more time on strategic planning and analytics (also AI-driven) to ensure business goals are being met and that customers have an experience with their brand that is meaningful and personalized just for them.  

There will also be a lot of questions around accuracy, quality and data security as this new technology is leveraged. Marketers will have to determine if they trust the machine to take their requests, understand them, and provide the right output. It is truly an exciting time to be a marketer and be a part of how this transformative technology changes the marketing landscape. 

And one other note about data security, Salesforce’s Einstein GPT Trust Layer will resolve concerns of risks associated with adopting generative AI by enabling customers to meet their enterprise data security and compliance demands, while offering customers the benefits of generative AI. AdVic will be covering this in more depth in upcoming Salesforce Blogs.


Salesforce has unveiled its new Generative AI Tools for marketers, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, powered by Einstein GPT, a combination of Salesforce AI and OpenAI’s technology. These tools will revolutionize the way marketers work, from audience segmentation to dynamic product promotion. Marketers can leverage conversational prompts to create audience segments and use AI-generated segments to boost engagement and campaign performance, saving time on manual processes. With Typeface’s AI content creation partnership, marketers can create engaging content using existing campaign data. Additionally, Commerce GPT offers personalized shopping experiences based on customer interactions and business goals. While these tools promise to save marketers hours of work, questions about accuracy, quality, and data security remain. Nevertheless, this transformative technology will change the marketing landscape and allow marketers to focus more on strategic planning and analytics.

How AdVic Can Help

The AdVic® Team specializes in enabling businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries and can integrate AI into their technology infrastructure, resulting in the acquisition of essential insights. By leveraging AI tools and techniques, the team assists companies in effectively processing and analyzing large volumes of data to identify valuable patterns and trends. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and uncover hidden opportunities that can drive their success. 

Additionally, regardless of a company’s size or industry, the AdVic Team provides tailored guidance and support to ensure that businesses can harness the power of AI and gain the critical insights necessary for their growth and competitive advantage. 

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