Turn Sales Into Selling Machines, CRMs, AI, and More

Guest Andrew Deutsch talks about lead conversions, how to turn sales teams into selling machines, CRM implementations, AI, and more.

Andrew helms Fangled Tech International, a strategic marketing consultancy with services including fractional CMO leadership, in-depth research beyond the financials for M&A, in addition to total branding and go-to-market strategy creation. Reach Andrew at https://fangledtech.com.

Episode Notes:

– The Virtual Presenter Course (w/$50 off coupon applied): https://virtualpresentercourse.com/impact25/aff/5/.

– 4 Ways Salesforce CRM Improves Lead Conversions: http://bit.ly/3lAd0Kv.

– How to Convince Your Stakeholders It’s Time to Get a CRM: http://bit.ly/3ru8FMJ.

Episode Transcription

Mike Boyle:

Hello everyone. And we are so excited that you joined us today. Because on this episode of Ad Vic’s Salesforce Simplified podcast, we are excited to have as a guest, Andrew Deutsch. Andrew is from Fangled Tech International. And Andrew’s going to be talking with us today about lead conversions, how to turn sales teams into selling machines. We’re going to touch a little bit on CRM implementations. And we’ll probably throw Andrew a curve ball here and there as well. So, Andrew, welcome. It is a pleasure to have you here with us today.

Andrew Deutsch:

Hey, it’s a pleasure to be here. Thanks so much for inviting me.

Mike Boyle:

So before we get started, as always, I like to talk a little bit about our guest to the audience. So they know a little bit about your background. Andrew is a multi-lingual marketing leader with broad based expertise, galvanizing teams to develop innovative and effective strategies. Now Andrew’s company Fangled Tech International is a strategic marketing consultancy with services, including fractional CMO leadership, in-depth research beyond the financials of M&A, and in addition to total branding and go to market strategy creation. So did I leave anything out Andrew like dishwasher?

Andrew Deutsch:

I make one heck of an espresso.

Mike Boyle:

I may take you up on one of those one day. Matter of fact, I was just telling Andrew that my Keurig broke this morning. So, I’m like one cup short today… Let’s talk about 2021. We’re still here in the depths of the pandemic, although we are making our little strides here and there thanks to the vaccination being out there. In the sales world, generating, nurturing, and converting leads into customers. What has changed, if anything, because of the pandemic that we’re in?

Andrew Deutsch:

I don’t know if I would call it a change as much as a maturity. Many people are starting to recognize that they don’t know what a lead is. And if you asked a bunch of different salespeople, even those in the CRM world, there’s a piece of lead that’s missing that really it’s become valuable. The difference between a suspect and a lead. So suspects are people who you don’t know, but very possibly could do business with you. Once they become a lead, there’s at least a clue that says that this is somebody who could do business with you as you start to narrow those things down. I think that the maturity now is that people are recognizing that the sales funnel leaks. And it’s good that it leaks. And it has more stages in it. Although, many times the sales process allows stages to be in microseconds rather than having to actually physically in your mind go through each stage. So those are some of the concepts that I’m seeing different as folks are maturing and really understanding that process.

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