Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 1: Salesforce®

In today’s forever growing Internet expansion, we’re coming across many new players in the Internet of Things (IoT) movement. With all of the new communicating devices that comprise the Internet of Things, these companies are making it easier for businesses and consumers to understand and use the data they are now connected with on a regular basis.

One of these new players is Salesforce®. They have made great strides in allowing businesses to better utilize the influential expansion that the Internet has obtained in this day and age, especially with the unveiling of its new Internet of Things Cloud.

Here’s a brief overview of the technologies and advancements that Salesforce has revealed with the IoT Cloud:

The IoT Cloud

  • What is it?

The IoT cloud is described as connecting “the Internet of Things with the Internet of Customers.” It is a processing platform designed to help businesses connect with any device that is able to receive data and harness that connection into increased productivity.

  • What does it do?

Salesforce’s IoT Cloud not only harnesses the massive amounts of data, but allows businesses to make sense of that data in a productive way. Businesses can connect with all IoT devices and, therefore, engage with clients in more ways than one. The Salesforce IoT Cloud also allows businesses to sift through the mountains of data presented to find the pieces that are most useful to them for a specific time or purpose.

  • How does this work with other Salesforce® platforms?

There’s a simple answer: IoT Cloud is able to connect all business data gained from IoT devices with all other Salesforce® platforms and programs. This means that businesses can go from interpreting data to using that data as quickly and easily as possible. Since the IoT Cloud is powered by Salesforce®’s Thunder, it has the real-time capabilities that are going to give businesses an edge when dealing with big data.

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