Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 2: Microsoft

The Internet of Things is all around us: sensors, various devices, data, and of course cloud services. Since Microsoft already commands one of the largest and most flexible cloud services, it‘s only reasonable that the tech giant would also work to provide enterprises with their own vision of IoT.

Microsoft IoT works best through the storing, gathering and processing of data. Here are two specific aspects of Microsoft’s IoT business model that are quickly growing in popularity:

Operational Efficiency

Microsoft IoT help retailers run their businesses more efficiently by employing IoT to monitor the telemetry of various scenarios. Below are three real-life business examples:

  • In-store traffic can be monitored to show which days (and times) are the busiest. This can help business owners know precisely when to have the most merchandise in stock and when to have more employees working.
  • Businesses that require refrigeration can use IoT-collected data to monitor temperatures and help reduce product loss from improper temperature storage.
  • RFID sensors can be added to products to track product availability in various retail situations.

Business Intelligence

If your business has employed any of the operational efficiency models listed above or other models, business intelligence with Microsoft can further enhance your business’s IoT. For example:

  • When employing in-store monitoring, consider using it in conjunction with other types of data sets. For instance, also incorporating weather data can help you decide which products you should stock.
  • When employing refrigeration monitoring, the data collected can be used to predict when the refrigeration unit(s) require maintenance.

Cloud computing and the Internet of Things are becoming more important by the year. In order to keep your business relevant, you should strongly consider employing some aspects of cloud computing. If you’re unsure of where to begin, contact Ad Victoriam Solutions.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about IoT, enterprise technology solutions and much more. For starters, check the other installments of this blog series including how the Internet of Things pertains to Salesforce®.

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