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The Internet of Things and How It Impacts Big Data

Technology is constantly evolving. Remember when mobile phones had antennas and looked like a brick? That wasn’t all that long ago in the grand scheme of things, yet we’ve come a long way. This leads us to ask, what’s next?

As an enterprise technology consulting firm in Atlanta, here at Ad Victoriam we can see that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to be the next ubiquitous item in terms of technological revolutions. In fact, the revenues from IoT may well surpass $300 billion by 2020, which will shake the whole big data universe. This shakeup will force companies to evolve by incorporating new technologies and upgrading what they already have to stay competitive.

Specifically, we foresee that IoT will impact big data in the three following ways:

1. Storing Your Data

The IoT can be characterized as a “huge, continuous stream of data,” all of which will arrive at a company’s data center at the same time. These data centers must be able to handle the influx. In order to ensure that data centers are up to the task, the overall infrastructure of data storage must adapt. Many companies will opt to move their storage to a scalable Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud-based configuration rather than self-hosting with their own infrastructure.

2. Processing Your Data

A better system for data storage comes with a need to update technology. This is because big data is processed differently than other data types. Therefore, your business will likely need to update disks, compute power and network capability to handle the transition.

Receiving data is the most important step and you’ll need a protocol in place to communicate with a broker. After you’ve received the data, you’ll need a way to store it.

3. Securing Your Data

Now that you have the data and the tech to store it, you need a way to keep it safe. In most cases, fundamental changes will need to occur. The best means of security is by incorporating a multi-layered security system that has network segmentation. In the event of a data breach, this will prevent the attackers from reaching other sections of your network.

To learn more about big data or to get assistance transitioning your business to handle the influx of data incoming from your IoT platforms, contact the big data consultants at Ad Victoriam Solutions.

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