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Today’s Data, Digital and AI Challenges with Chris Hood

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On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” our topics will focus on current data, digital and AI challenges, and how to stay ahead of them. Our guest, Chris Hood, is an expert in those areas.

Bio: Chris Hood is a digital strategy expert and author of “Customer Transformation,” boasting 35+ years in online entertainment, marketing, and business development. Hosting ‘The Chris Hood Digital Show,’ he guides organizations on innovation and customer-centric leadership. Former roles include heading Google’s Digital Business Strategy, crafting transformation programs for Fortune 500 companies, and developing storytelling technologies at Fox Broadcasting & Disney. As a co-founder of Blind Squirrel Games, his influence stretches across multiple industries. Chris also teaches at Southern New Hampshire University.


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Speaker 1

This is Salesforce Simplified, the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions… Here’s your host, Mike Boyle.

Mike Boyle

This is the Salesforce Simplified podcast and the topics that we’re gonna be focusing on are data, digital and AI and the challenges that everyone in business seems to be facing with those three things today. And, we’re gonna talk about how to stay ahead of them and we’re gonna do that with our guest who is a gentleman by the name of Chris Hood, who I’ve actually wanted to get on this podcast for over a year… The sun, the moon and the stars have finally aligned.

Chris is an expert in all of these areas of data, digital AI and so many other things. But before we officially say hello to Chris, let me tell you a little bit about Chris Hood, a digital strategist. He’s an expert in that area. He’s also an author, and he just published the book Customer Transformation, which I’ll have him talk a little bit about here soon.

He boasts over 35 years of online entertainment marketing and business development experience, and he hosts the Chris Hood Digital Show. Former roles for Chris include heading Google’s digital business strategy, crafting transformation programs for Fortune 500 companies and developing storytelling technologies for Fox Broadcasting and Disney. And as a co-founder of Blind Squirrel Games, his influence stretches across multiple industries. And last but not least – I don’t know how he finds the time – Chris also teaches at Southern New Hampshire University. 

So, with all that behind us, Chris –  officially – welcome to the Salesforce Simplified podcast. I’m very excited to have you here finally glad that we were able to make this happen.

Chris Hood

Oh, me too, Mike. I appreciate it so much. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve made it work. I love it.

Mike Boyle

Here we go… Chris, before we get into questions, talking about data, digital and AI challenges, talk to me about what’s really exciting going on in your life right now.

Besides, you know, all of the things that I talked about, but let’s focus on Customer Transformation, your new book… Tell us about that.

Chris Hood

Yeah… wow…. Customer Transformation.

So I left Google in January and then in February, I decided, hey, I should write a book, why not?

And I had this idea that was circulating in the back of my mind over the course of the last six or seven years, I could. I sort of tabled it a little bit while I was working at Google.

And then when I left Google, I said this is the time let’s just get to it. And I spent the last four months, five months writing this concept out.

I believe it’s a fabulous book. It’s relevant for today. And I think we’re going to get into some of these topics: Why I believe it’s relevant. But it’s a seven stage strategy specifically for customer alignment in order to generate business value.

And that middle piece, the customer alignment, we see organizations all around the world right now who are desperately struggling with aligning with what their customers want, needs, and what their aspirations are for using your products and services.

And I wanted to really dissect that and provide leaders and businesses a way that they can better understand it and then execute on it. And it’s something I’m really passionate about. And really, that’s everything that I’ve been doing recently. It’s just focusing on getting the book out sales, go grab a copy, please.

And then of course, I’m speaking and working with a lot of companies on implementing these ideas.

Mike Boyle

And you can find all kinds of information about Chris at Chris… That’s h-o-o-d –, including information about Customer Transformation, the new book. By the way, I love the slug line: “The next evolution of customer everything,” which includes experiences, loyalty, success, all those buzzwords. You can get the book on Amazon, and there’s even a way on the website that you can get a signed paperback or a signed hardcover book. So make sure you check that out… Lots of luck with that, Chris.

So here we go. Let’s start with data challenges.

Chris, talk to me about why it’s so difficult for companies today to manage their data.

Chris Hood

Oh, yeah. Well, let’s just start with some numbers. Let’s think about how much data do you think is in the world?

As of 2021, there are 79 zeta bytes of data and that number is expected to double by 2025. So that’s 100 and 60 zeta bytes of data.

So in the classic Marty McFly, Back to the Future, what the hell is a zettabyte?

And if we were to think about this, I have a phone here in my hand, it has one terabyte of storage on it. Now that’s just storage, it’s not even completely full. But if we were to take 1,000,000,000 terabyte mobile phones that would store one zettabyte of data. And so if we think about that, that’s 79 billion phones. And then of course, by 2025 that’s 100 and 60,000,000,000 terabyte phones. That would be the equivalent of giving every person in the entire world 21 terabyte mobile devices. That’s a lot of data.

Mike Boyle

All right, my head is spinning. How do we manage it?

Chris Hood

Yeah. And so when we start thinking about how do we deal with this, it’s not just the size and the amount of data. It’s also all of these new formats that we’re dealing with.

We’ve got the online, you know, basic text, we got multimedia, we got all of the metadata from videos. We’ve got new forms of data like artificial intelligence and analytics. We are even starting to see multisensory types of data. This is obviously critical in the health field industries.

But how do we track the data of something like smell? Those types of data are all increasing.

And then of course, we also have the regulatory issues, privacy concerns and data security issues.

All of these factors are just, you know, creating complex situations for us in terms of how to manage it. And that, I mean, those three things alone is why it’s very difficult for companies to manage the data.

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