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Highlights From the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

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In this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” we’re talking with Salesforce Ben’s Courses & Community Director Christine Marshall about some of her favorite new features inside Salesforce’s Winter ‘24 Release. 

In addition to her Salesforce Ben duties, Christine is a 11x Salesforce-Certified Evangelist, who also serves as a Salesforce Admin Group leader and has been named – several times – as a Salesforce MVP.

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Speaker 1:

This is “Salesforce Simplify,” the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions. Here’s your host, Mike Boyle.

Mike Boyle:

This is the “Salesforce Simplified” podcast as the man said, and I’m Mike Boyle. We are gonna be speaking with Salesforce Ben’s Courses and Community Director, Christine Marshall about all of her favorite new things that are inside Salesforce’s Winter ’24 release… Christine, you look so great in your new winter jacket today. How are you?

Christine Marshall:

I’m very well. Thank you, Mike. Here in August and September… I do feel a little bit early to be talking about winter, but there’s so many exciting features. It’s gonna be great to dive into it today.

Mike Boyle:

Yeah, that, that was my little joke there. Christine really does not have her winter jacket on, trust me.

Well, in addition to her Salesforce Ben duties as Courses and Community Director, Christine is a 10X Salesforce-certified evangelist and she also serves as a Salesforce admin group leader and has been named numerous times as a Salesforce MVP. 

When we last spoke for the Summer ‘23 Release back in the spring, you were 7X Salesforce-certified. That’s a big jump. Congratulations to you.

Christine Marshall:

Thank you, Mike. Yes, I had been a bit lax on getting any new certifications for a while and I was offered an opportunity to do one of Salesforce’s Boot Camps in London. And it was absolutely amazing, I can’t recommend it enough. And that really spurred me on to get another two certifications. So, I got three in the space of two weeks, I think.

Mike Boyle:

Well, congratulations to you. And you know what’s really great, too? I love on social media, Christine, how you are a champion for other folks. You know, when they post, you know how proud they are. Absolutely. as they should, you know, of their new certification…You’re there, cheering them on and III I applaud you for that. I think that’s great.

Christine Marshall:

Thank you.

Mike Boyle:

Alrighty… So, you have chosen six things for us to call out here for Salesforce’s Winter ’24 Release. So, let’s get right into them.

Number one is “Dynamic Forms for Standard Objects and Mobile”… Tell me what that one looks like.

Christine Marshall:

So, anyone that’s read any of my work on Salesforce Ben knows, I just love Dynamic Forms. I think it’s such an amazing feature and it’s now been a couple of years in the making. It started off relatively small and it’s just expanding and expanding. 

Last year at Dreamforce, Salesforce promised that they were going to bring Dynamic Forms to all standard objects. And with this release, they’ve now announced that Dynamic Forms will be available to the majority of Lightning Web Component-enabled Standard Object. So that is absolutely huge. It does mean that there are a couple of objects that you can’t use Dynamic Forms on forms on because they don’t support Lightning Web Components. And that includes things like campaigns, tasks and products.

And then the other hot news is that Dynamic Forms is going to be generally available for mobile. You will need to enable that in the Salesforce mobile app set up. But it’s been a long time coming. It’s been in beta recently, but it will be generally available.

Mike Boyle:

Number two on our list is called “Transfer Dashboard Ownership.” That one sounds interesting.

Christine Marshall:

This is such a small little change that I’m sure most people won’t realize its significance. But if you work as an admin every day, I think you’ll understand why this is so important.

So, historically, when the owner of a dashboard leaves the company, so they’re no longer a Salesforce user, you have the hassle of having to clone or recreate the dashboard which was time consuming and tedious. But from Winter ’24, you’ll be able to transfer ownership of a dashboard to a new owner who will then take on control of that dashboard. So, you can carry on with the same dashboard.

Mike Boyle:

I could see a lot of people smiling about that one right now…That’s great!

Number three on our list for Winter Salesforce ‘24 Release is “Preview Summary Formulas in Lightning Reports.” What’s behind that one?

Christine Marshall:

So, Custom Report Summary Formulas are really tricky to do. To be honest, I think they’re one of the hardest features of reporting in Salesforce. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people feel quite apprehensive about them. But you can now use the preview image as a reference to better understand how your formula will be used in the live report. So, it just helps you know that you’re creating the right report summary formula and gives you an idea of what it’s gonna look like before you actually run the report.

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