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AdVic Turns 10: A Conversation with Our Top Dawgs

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The topic on the episode of the Ad Victoriam “Salesforce Simplified” podcast is, well… Ad Victoriam Solutions! We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2024, so we thought you might like to learn a little bit more about us: our roots, our culture, and more about the Salesforce world… so we’ve invited AdVic CEO Jeff Jones and President Brian Mize to fill in those holes for us.

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Mike Boyle: Hi, everyone! I’m Mike Boyle from Ad Victoriam Solutions. We are a proud Salesforce partner. Today’s topic on the Ad Victoriam Salesforce Simplified podcast is, well, Ad Victoriam Solutions. See, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2024 in May, to be specific. So we thought you might like to learn a little bit more about us, about our roots, our culture, and a little bit more about the Salesforce world. So we have invited more like twisted his arm, AdVic® CEO Jeff Jones. Hello, Jeff, welcome.

Jeff Jones: Good morning.

Mike Boyle: And our President, Brian Mize,  to talk to us about all those things. Brian, good morning to you, sir. Good morning and welcome back. Actually, Brian, you were with us on a Salesforce Simplified podcast a while back when we talked about the latest in technology trends with our good buddy from Salesforce Ben, Ben McCarthy. So welcome back.

Brian Mize: Thank you. Happy to be here.

Mike Boyle: So in my five years here as a fellow AdVician, Jeff, I have heard you tell this story internally, but I never get tired of hearing it. Give us the backstory of when and how you and Brian got together to form.

Jeff Jones: Yeah, so, you know, as I say, a long time ago, in a galaxy far away means a long time ago, Brian and I worked together for the first time. I was, an integration architect. Brian was just part of an IT team. And, funny enough, our first initiative together was actually to integrate Salesforce®, which was not necessarily as common at the time. And that venture went well. Brian and I kept in touch. Over the years, as our careers developed, I helped grow a consulting practice. Brian had gotten deeper into the Salesforce space, but as Salesforce expanded their offerings and became much more than just a CRM, we recognized the opportunity is there for us to break away and go get involved with this deeper and help cultivate, success within the salesforce, ecosystem. And, the funny story goes, I finally convinced Brian to join me on this adventure, and his first comment was, okay, I’m in, but you quit your job first. And so, I don’t know what he was expecting, but I did that rather quickly. And when I called to tell him the deed had been done, he was kind of like, damn, I haven’t even told my wife what’s going on yet. Now I got to go home and explain this whole thing and let her know that I will be turning in notice. So, it moved pretty quickly once we decided we were going to do it.

Mike Boyle: Brian, anything to add to that story?

Brian Mize: No, other than he’s right. My first answer was, you first. And, you talk to a lot of people that have a lot of great ideas. One of the things that I’ve always respected about Jeff is his ability to follow through. But I didn’t really think about that when he said, hey, let’s do this, and I said, you first. Wasn’t really sure he’d do it, but when he did have a lot of confidence in him, a lot of, faith in the vision that he had, and was certainly happy to join him.

Mike Boyle: Jeff, the other story that I love just as much as the backstory is the story of how we got our name, Ad Victoriam Solutions… tell us that story.

Jeff Jones: It’s not trivial coming up with a name, right? Because you want to make sure that it has meaning to who you are and what you’re doing, and then good luck finding something that hasn’t already been taken on the Internet so that people can find you. And so I actually had my wife kind of go to work on figuring that out, and she had remembered that I had a strong affinity for this art deco Darth Vader poster that has, the statement, victory is imminent on it. And she really latched on to the concept of victory, kind of the meaning behind it, and taking on large, challenging initiatives and driving through to success. And, so she looked around. She came up with, in Latin, victoriam is victory in Latin, obviously. But, I thought that was a little old-fashioned. And she said, well, she’d come across it because Ad Victoriam is actually a Roman battle call. And, of course, I perked up at that, and I thought, well, that’s fantastic. I like that a lot. So, Ad Victoriam and the meaning behind it with victory is kind of what we based our concept and how we wanted to be identified going forward. And fortunately, we were able to get that domain, though we had to add the solutions to it. But that tags well into what we’re doing. But within a year of launching, a video game was launched with the Ad Victoriam cry in it. And it took us a while to get off page two of search because that game was so popular. But we’re there now. We’re top of the list, which is good. And that poster actually hangs in my office now.

Mike Boyle: Well, I hope everybody was paying attention because that is going to be the answer to a trivia question one day.

Brian Mize: I promise you that.

Mike Boyle: All right, so, Brian, as we reflect on a decade of growth, and success, and as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, talk about some of the key milestones that stand out to you in our company’s history so far, probably one.

Brian Mize: Of the first milestones was just finding our first customer. It wasn’t as easy as hanging an open sign and saying, hey, we’re smart, we’re good. Come see us. Getting that customer number one was definitely a milestone. After that, probably the second milestone that I often think about is just getting the first check. It totaled $1,750. That was a huge marker that somebody had paid us to do what we do and that we had done it well. Started to make some progress after that. We signed a couple of larger, for us at the time, larger deals, and that led to another milestone, bringing David Litton onto the team. Having somebody that is paid to do the same thing that we’re doing as we try to take care of our customers and grow the business. A lot of milestones have happened in the years after that. Not all of them as positive as I’d like them to be, but some of the more standout markers would be moving into HQ right there in Alpharetta, and getting The Vic up and running in 2020. And then, one of the more impactful milestones would be kicking off the very first Elevate class. And that’s proven to be a gift that keeps on giving year after year and has been very rewarding to watch as well. We’re a decade in. It’s hard to believe, that we’ve done as many things as we have, but all of them speak to what Jeff was just talking about, charging to victory. I’m looking forward to the next decade, to the next milestone, and to the next group of Elevators that come in and grow into leaders in the space to establish new milestones.

Mike Boyle: And for those listening, you referred to HQ and The Vic. We have two locations in Alpharetta, Georgia, our home base. And that’s how we internally refer to both of them. One is HQ and the other one is The Vic. Very briefly, Brian, I’m kind of throwing this at you without any real warning, but, you brought up Elevate. I think it’s very important. Could you just tell folks what the Elevate program is? 

Brian Mize: Sure… We’ll talk a little bit later in this, I believe, about kind of how we’ve got to where we are a little bit. But one of the things that has enabled us to grow is being able to look across the landscape and recognize when technology is changing, and when talent changes. We had the ability several years back to look out and notice that, like Salesforce was saying, there’s a shortage of people in the space that can work on Salesforce. Jeff is a big supporter of the University of Georgia graduate of the University of Georgia, and with his relationships there, we were able to build a relationship to recruit college students as they’re graduating from the University of Georgia and some other universities as well, and bring them into a structured training program that takes them from really zero or very little Salesforce experience on day one to being certified consultants just a few short months later, plugging them into customer projects and allowing them to grow their skill sets in a short amount of time. That allowed us to bridge a talent gap that others have really struggled with. But because of the Elevate group, we’ve been able to weather that.

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