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What is your data doing for you right now? It is estimated that only 23% of organizations have implemented an enterprise big data strategy - the majority of businesses are wasting key insights that can be extracted from their data. Let us help put your big data to work for your business.

  • Better understand your customer base
  • Unlock valuable insights that give you a competitive edge
  • Reveal entirely new revenue streams
  • Reduce your risk through predictive analytics
  • Ensure your data security
  • Tailor your products, services and messaging

Empower your business with the benefits of big data.

Unleash the power of big data

  • Big Data Analytics Consulting
  • Big Data Strategy Consulting
  • Big Data Cloud Computing


Understand Your Customers

Big data allows you to profile your ideal customers and dialogue with them so that you can better understand their needs and desires.

Unlock Valuable Insights

Gain a competitive advantage by using big data to discover growth opportunities, find ways to boost performance and more.

Generate Revenue Streams

The insights you acquire through big data can allow you to create entirely new segments within your industry's revenue stream.

Minimize Your Risk

Predictive analytics through a big data solution can alert you to take action before industry and company developments catch you unprepared.

Secure Your Data

Map your entire data landscape in order to identify potential internal and external threats and safeguard sensitive company data.

Tailor Your Message

From personalizing website content and design to restructuring your marketing, big data gives you the information you need to customize your brand.

The Problem...

Progress is a synthesis of past and prophecy. As a key decision-maker in your company, how can you move forward without evaluating past performance through business intelligence and data analytics? But poring through all this data can be unwieldy, expensive and impractical.

...The Solution

Business intelligence (BI) Solutions streamline this process. Once properly implemented, a custom BI system can allow a company to efficiently collect, analyze and store raw corporate data, then turn it into quantifiable and actionable information that will aid the key decision-makers in your business, helping to develop strategic plans for maximizing revenue and reducing costs.

"The folks at Ad Victoriam truly embody what it means to be a consultant. Every single person I worked with from their company was extremely competent and professional. The thing that impressed me the most about Ad Victoriam was their depth of knowledge across a multitude of facets. If they didn't have an answer or suggestion right away, they were always able to figure out what we needed in a timely manner. The solutions they developed were efficient, sustainable, and communicated effectively to make sure that everyone was always on the same page."

Kevin Hartigan
Explore the Big Data Toolbox

You can think of business intelligence solutions like a toolbox for the decision-makers in a business. Within this toolbox, you'll find a wide range of key business process and services, including:

  • Data mining

  • Business analytics

  • Analytical processing

  • Querying

  • Reporting and data visualization

  • Data storage

  • Customer profiling and support

  • Market research

  • Market segmentation

  • Product profitability

  • And more…


Our team of experts, of course.

But perhaps the greatest tool at the disposal of company decision-makers is a data consulting firm like Ad Victoriam Solutions. By partnering your company with our expert big data consultants, we can help design and implement a comprehensive big data strategy that gets your business on the path to where it needs to go.

Ad Victoriam helps companies bend data integration technology to support and optimize their business needs and process.

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We believe technology should work for you, not the other way around!

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