5 Steps to Creating a Killer Customer Survey

5 Steps to Creating a Killer Customer Survey

As a business manager in charge of making key decisions for your company, sending out customer surveys is one great sales strategy for gathering information about what your patrons want and need from your business, as well as find out how they liked the services or products they’ve already received from you. Surveys can also provide valuable insight into your customers’ experience(s) while on your website.

It is important to understand, though, that there is a right and wrong way to create a customer survey. A good survey gets you the answers you require without inconveniencing or confusing the customer; a bad survey results in skewed data and annoys your loyal patrons.

Need some tips to get started? These five suggestions can help you create a winning survey for your customers:

1. The order of questions does matter.

As you put together your survey, make sure the first question is how the customer rates their interaction with your business because this is your most important data point. Putting any question above this one risks letting them influence your customer’s answer to their overall experience.

2. Give your customers room to express themselves.

Rather than just providing multiple-choice answers, you should also allow your customers to write their own responses or details about their interaction somewhere in the survey (often at the end).

3. Be mindful of your word choice; it matters.

The words and phrases you choose for your survey can make a big difference. Avoid using vague words like “good” or “bad,” which don’t provide usable information. Rather, use descriptive language like “loved it” or “will not repurchase.”

4. Ensure your questions are clear and understandable.

In addition to being careful with the words you use, you should also ensure that the question(s) you’re asking clearly convey the information you wish to know. A confusing question will only frustrate people who are taking the survey.

5. Design a customer survey that provides you with meaningful data.

While your questions should be clear and simple to understand, you also need to make sure that they are necessary. Only include questions that will result in useful customer data. The shorter the survey, the more likely people will finish it.

Learning what your customers need and want from your business is one of the keys to success. These five suggestions are by no means an exhaustive list of ways to make a killer survey for your business; however, they’re definitely a good start!

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