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The Role AI & GenAI Are Playing in Today’s B2B Marketing

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While AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been around for a long time, in the past year or so, many new tools, such as Salesforce’s numerous GPT offerings and other tools exploding in the marketplace, have been leveraging AI and GPT to help marketers, sales reps and organizations get more done quicker and with better results.

To understand how these tools are evolving into today’s B2B marketing space, AdVic® invited digital marketing agency Vende Digital Founder and CEO Paul Slack back to the “Salesforce Simplified” podcast to get his take on where we are and where he sees AI and GPT advancing B2B marketing efforts. What follows are a few of the audio highlights from that conversation.

How AI and GPT Have Transformed B2B Marketing

We started our conversation by asking Paul for his thoughts on how AI and GPT have – to date – transformed B2B marketing initiatives.

Challenges Marketers are Facing Implementing Generative AI

Regarding the challenges of AI and GPT, Paul said one of the biggest challenges is the overwhelm that marketers, and anybody that’s trying to leverage AI, is feeling right now from the many newsletters out there, to how many tools are showing up on the scene every day, and then how full our plates already are. He added…

How AI and GPT Are Improving Customer Support

In terms of customer support and engagement, Paul feels we are at the very beginning of what  AI and GPT will accomplish. But in 2024. Paul says…

How AI Enhances Lead Generation

In the all-important world of lead generation, Paul talked about the “amazing opportunities” AI offers out there now, specifically from a marketer’s point of view…

There is much more AI and GPT talk and how it relates to B2B marketing inside our conversation with Paul. He talks about specific use cases for generative AI, we deep dive into content prep, and even how the chore of hiring is improving with the help of AI and GPT.  Listen here to the full Ad Victoriam “Salesforce Simplified” podcast or find it on any podcast platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.)

How AdVic Can Help

Is your business in need of an AI solution but not sure how to get your business ready for the next step? No worries, because the AdVic® AI team has the skills and expertise needed to analyze your current business state and build a roadmap to get you up and running quickly so you can drive efficiencies and new revenue. Let’s explore your options and start creating your roadmap to success today!

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