Ad Victoriam Earns New Salesforce Specializations for Excellence

Within Salesforce, the Masters Initiative is used to distinguish various Salesforce joint businesses in their achievements with Salesforce products, knowledge and customer success stories. We are pleased to announce that Ad Victoriam Solutions has recently received two new Salesforce Specializations within this Masters Initiative program:

  • Opportunity/Pipeline Management
  • Workflow and Approval Process

What These Specializations Mean

As part of the Salesforce Masters Initiative, consulting partners are awarded Specializations as “building blocks” toward a Master’s recognition. Ad Victoriam’s new specializations mean that we are well on our way to becoming a Salesforce Master Partner!

These Specializations show others that Ad Victoriam Solutions has achieved notable status in the “Opportunity/Pipeline Management” and “Workflow and Approval Process” areas. This notable status is gained by submitting relevant projects in each area, customer references over the past 18 months, and an extensive knowledge of Salesforce products.

Specializations earned are valid until the end of the program year. Then, they are re-evaluated based on performance from the previous 18 months.

How Salesforce Masters Specializations Distinguish

Earning these specializations has more incentive than simple bragging rights. These Specializations are a way for Salesforce’s partnering businesses to differentiate themselves prominently in search results. Partnering businesses with Specializations or a Master’s status will feature more prominently when searched by product and industry.

If your business is interested in implementing Salesforce solutions or learning more about the world of cloud computing, Ad Victoriam Solutions offers the consulting, integration and implementation you need to get started and thrive with Salesforce products.

To find out more about how Ad Victoriam Solutions can help, contact us today.

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