Highlights from the Salesforce Spring '23 Release with Salesforce Ben's Christine Marshall

Highlights from the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release w/Salesforce Ben’s Christine Marshall

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In this episode of Salesforce Simplified we’re talking with Salesforce Ben’s Courses & Community Director Christine Marshall about some of her favorite new things inside Salesforce’s Spring ‘23 Release. 

In addition to her Salesforce Ben duties, Christine is a 7x Salesforce-Certified Evangelist, who also serves as a Salesforce Admin Group leader and has been named – several times – as a Salesforce MVP.

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Thanks for stopping by. This is “Salesforce Simplified,” the podcast from Ad Victoriam Solutions.

Mike Boyle:

Well, hello, everyone and Happy New Year… welcome to 2023. I’m Mike Boyle from Ad Victoriam Solutions. This is the “Salesforce Simplified” podcast and we’re speaking today with Salesforce Ben’s Courses and Community Director, Christine Marshall, about some of her favorite new things that are inside Salesforce’s Spring ’23 Release… Now, in addition to her Salesforce Ben duties, Christine is a 7x Salesforce certified evangelist, who also serves as a Salesforce admin group leader, and has been named numerous times as a Salesforce MVP.

Happy New Year, Christine. Welcome back to the “Salesforce Simplified” pod, as the kids call it today. How are you?

Christine Marshall:

Happy New Year, Mike, and thank you so much for having me back. I’m great, and really excited to talk to you today.

Mike Boyle:

Well, I appreciate your time, Christine, and appreciate everything that we’re able to do with Salesforce Ben. s

So, let’s talk about this Spring ’23 Release… I know that you have spent some time going through it… and actually, before I get into the questions, I wanted to ask you is there is special way that you attack these when you go through the releases? Do you have a special way that you go about doing it or you just kind of dive right into it.

Christine Marshall:

Well, what I normally do is I go and look for my favorite features or the features that I know are hot right now, and the ones that are being updated with every single release. So, I’m the first to go out and take a look at anything dynamic, anything to do with flow, anything to do with reports and dashboards. And then I go back and I go through everything else, and as you probably know, there are a lot of updates in every release.

Mike Boyle:
Oh yeah, and you have called out seven specific ones for us today. So, let’s dive into it. The first one is “Migrate to Flow for Process Builder.” Tell us about that one…

Christine Marshall:

I’m really excited about this one. So, as hopefully everybody is aware, Salesforce are retiring Workflow Rules and Process Builder, and that’s been in the pipeline for a little while, and they’ve been slowly releasing new tools and features to help us move to Flow Builder, which is the most amazing tool. It really straddles between declarative and underneath its more like a developer tool. It’s incredibly powerful and as part of the migration we’re going to need to move our Workflow Rules and our Process Builders into Flow. And one of the ways that they want to support us is by providing a migrate to flow tool. Now that’s been there for Workflow Rules for quite some time, but it’s also now going to be available for Process Builder from 2023.

Mike Boyle:

Number 2 on our list is “Dynamic Forms for Leads and Cases”… What’s inside that one?

Christine Marshall:

So, Dynamic Forms is my favorite Salesforce feature. I’ve been so excited about this ever since its release a few years ago because it really changes the way that we build page layouts, creating intuitive and responsive pages with fields and sections that can appear and disappear. Based on the logic that we set now, Dynamic Forms was fabulous, but it was only available for Custom Objects for a very long time. Now, back in the winter release, it became available for Accounts Contacts and Opportunities and then in spring it’s going to be available for Leads. And Cases, this is amazing because initially Cases was due in summer ’23, but they’ve worked so hard and they’ve brought it forward, so Leads and Cases available in spring.

Mike Boyle:

The word dynamic is used quite a bit in this particular release, so number three on our list of things that you’re calling out for Salesforce Spring ’23 is “View All for Dynamic Related Lists.” What can folks expect from that one?

Christine Marshall:

That’s it… dynamic is the buzzword of the moment and we have a lot of different dynamic features and I love them all. They are a suite of different features put together by Salesforce and Dynamic Related List was a new feature in 2022 and it takes your Related Lists and it makes them a new component and again you can set to make it appear to disappear, you could set filters. So, a great example of this was you might want to say on an Account Record, look at a related list and show me my open Opportunities, only show me a Related List that is my closed Opportunities only… just really really powerful stuff. However, the poor Salesforce product team behind this feature got an awful lot of flak for it because there was one thing that was missing that everybody really wanted and that was a view all feature. So, when you look at a Related List, you see a preview number of Related Records. But you might have 30, 40, 50 Related Records and there was no view all option. So, again, they’ve worked super hard and they are releasing that view all link in spring and I know that this is going to mean that so many more people are now going to be able to use this feature.

Mike Boyle:

We’re going to hang on to our buzzword one more time here, Christine… Number four on the list is “Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects.” Tell us about that one…

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