Salesforce Pardot Registered Partner

Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce partner, is now also a registered Pardot partner


What it means to be a certified Pardot partner

We’ve all heard the phrase – “There is no I in Team.”  To succeed, it takes not just a WE, but a P. P for Partnership.

Building partnerships is part of our core values here at Ad Victoriam Solutions and because of this we are excited to announce that we have been inducted into the Salesforce® Pardot Partner Program.

The Salesforce Pardot Partner Program is strategically designed to allow only the most knowledgeable and skilled firms.  In addition, they ensure that the partnering firm is a customer-centric company by requiring CSAT’s (Customer Satisfaction Surveys) and Customer Stories along with holding a Pardot Consultant Certification.  The certification is extremely important as it showcases a firm’s knowledge at not only implementing the solution but providing marketing strategy and best practices.

Even though we just recently received the official partnership, we are no rookies to Pardot implementations.  Our expertise spans back to 2012, one year prior to Salesforce’s ExactTarget/Pardot acquisition. We are very familiar with how Pardot and Salesforce solutions play together and how each of the solutions may complement the other.

Our main goal during the implementation is end-user training.  We succeed if you succeed, and for us to build-out everything and not show you how would be detrimental to our core values as a customer company.

In addition to extensive training, a typical Pardot solution implemented by us starts with a mile-stone plan of tasks and objectives.  We organize the plan by weeks so you and your team know when and what to expect ahead of time.  For the duration of our partnership you will find we focus on items including, but not limited to, social posts, emails, landing pages, automation rules, drip campaigns, lead scoring and grading, user-setup, Salesforce CRM integration and Salesforce Engage.

We also have expertise in guiding you through the technical set-up Pardot requires and additional support for the Pardot connectors such as WordPress.  One of our favorite parts of educating our clients on Pardot is when they are walked through each section step by step and they visualize the easy-to-use interface.

It truly brings us great pleasure when our customers become proficient utilizing the solution.

All in all, we can’t think of a better company to partner with.  We are ecstatic to be one of the rare firms to receive this honorary feather in our cap!  Contact us for more information or to speak to one of our certified Pardot Consultants today.

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