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Is Your Business Drowning in Data – Or Harnessing It?


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The amount of data created every day – in your business, with your customers, and in the cloud – is vast and growing exponentially. You should be able to use it to generate important insights for your business. But even as data warehousing and information delivery costs go down and data integration becomes simpler, transforming big data into meaningful insights is complex.

We can help.

As your business, customers and products generate vast amounts of data, go beyond merely collecting information and generate insights that can drive better results for your organization now and in the years to come.

Ad Victoriam Solutions can transform your data into the results you need.

How we can help:

  • Data Strategy
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Salesforce Data Migration
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Data Warehousing

Ad Victoriam Solutions for Data

Ad Victoriam helps businesses and other organizations generate value from their data.
Our success is generated by three key factors:

1. We know analytics
  • Deep cross-industry experience, from retail and media to financial services and manufacturing
  • Proven strategic approach, incorporating internal and external information sources
2. We create solutions for your business
  • Customized for your business; never a pre-defined solution in search of a problem
  • Business-driven, stakeholder-informed development of data-derived insights
  • Process optimization generates focused results
3. We deliver sustainable results
  • Project roadmap with defined costs, deliverables, milestones and completion dates
  • Clear communication and ongoing knowledge transfer throughout the engagement
  • Systems, infrastructure, and teams designed for your current and anticipated needs


The Simple Solution for Your Data & Analytics Complexities

Ad Victoriam's Data Solutions practice is driven by a business-first perspective. We know the questions that business leaders have, where information exists to answer those questions, and how to configure data to generate the results you need. We make a point of knowing how to apply the available and emerging data analytics technology to your business and ecosystem – without being bound to any single one.

Likewise, we are continually building on our extensive experience with platforms including Microsoft AzureAmazon Web Services (AWS), and Salesforce, as well as tools such as  Salesforce Einstein Analytics, Tableau, PowerBI, and others.

Salesforce Consulting Services Ad Victoriam Solutions

We solve problems, simplify complexities and integrate technology so you get the most from your data and analytics solutions.

Let us recommend the right components for your organization's data analytics needs that best leverage your existing technology and expertise.

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