Cognitive Computing and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly growing across various sectors of technology commonly used today, especially in terms of cognitive computing. As we’ll explore below, IoT is already being used in the medical field, retail outlets and event management.

IoT and Medical Tech

Implanted medical devices are saving hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Wouldn’t it be even better if the data collected from the devices could be processed along with other medical data to help improve cognitive insights?

The FDA is working to do just this by developing a system for medical devices that have unique identifiers. Once these devices are implemented, each will have a unique device identifier (UDI), which will be readable both in machine and human form. The hopes are that a UDI system will make patients safer and that there will be an innovation boom.

IoT and Retail

The IoT is also helping to revolutionize the retail industry by facilitating better communication between customers and venders. Studies show that weather can have a huge impact on a person’s shopping habits—it can dictate whether a person goes shopping as well as the products they chose to purchase. If retailers could have a better idea of the weather conditions at each store location, they could better prepare their stock and do so in a more personalized fashion.

IoT and Event Management

Event management can also benefit from the IoT. Take Oktoberfest, for example, which draws in crowds of roughly 6 million each year. By incorporating IoT into this popular festival, event organizers would be able to implement more creative serving methods and keep track of attendees more efficiently. Recent implementation of bracelets with IoT location information can manage crowd control and keep festival goers safer.

Additionally, two inventors have developed an innovative table and coaster system that uses sensors to track how many times patrons lift their beer mugs. This data is then relayed to waiters who are able to refill beer just as the mugs are emptied.

All of this data is made possible by the Internet of Things.

It’s obvious that the IoT will continue to grow in the coming years. The IoT consultants at Ad Victoriam Solutions can help you stay abreast of the changes coming to IoT platforms. Contact us, or check out our blog for further information on big data, the Internet of Things and much more.

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