Will Changing Wi-Fi Standards Help Utilize IoT Better?

Wi-Fi has certainly presented its share of problems – namely the ever-present threat of a shoddy connection and speeds that aren’t necessarily compatible with the connected devices that so many business and individuals are beginning to use on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there may be a solution on the horizon for connecting the Internet of Things with Wi-Fi that works with IoT devices hand-in-hand.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a nonprofit organization that focuses on making Wi-Fi easier to access and use around the globe. They’ve recently announced a new technology called HaLow which promises to increase the capability of Wi-Fi to connect with lower powered IoT devices, particularly in the home.

This capability is to be done by not only extending the range of the Wi-Fi, but decreasing the bandwidth to 9000MHz, a level that takes less battery power and is a sharp jump down from the typical 2.4GHz or 5GHz that most people have in their home routers.

According to Brian Barrett, “It’s Wi-Fi for smartwatches and Internet-enabled coffee makers and whatever other connected appliance might suit your deranged fancy.”

The past solution to connecting these small devices has been Bluetooth; however, HaLow sets out to solve the limitations presented by this solution like short range and the inability to connect devices directly to the Internet.

What does this mean for business?

The Internet of Things provides a constant stream of usable data that businesses can use for analytics and decision-making within their company. The IoT provides valuable information on consumer feedback and product utilization. With this new Wi-Fi option, IoT devices are going to be working even better than before, providing the important data that businesses crave and giving an even more reliable picture.

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