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Barking For Service: Using Volunteer Time Off to Boost Pet Adoptions

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At Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic®), we’ve always been a dog-first organization. On any given day in one of our offices, you’ll see four-legged friends sleeping under desks or [politely] begging for snacks in the breakrooms. Our love of animals has also steered a lot of our community and philanthropic work, from sponsoring the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue’s annual Bully Ball to company volunteer shifts at FurKids adoption days outside our Alpharetta-Halcyon office.

In 2021, several of our Georgia-based team members began volunteering at BarkVille Dog Rescue, a 100% volunteer network of foster homes. BarkVille specializes in rescuing bully breeds and dogs with medical conditions or injuries from shelters, especially those who are running out of time in shelters. They give these pups a new lease on life and keep them housed, fed, and loved until they find their forever home.

Barkville Dog Rescue Logo

So when the Jasper, Georgia-based nonprofit reached out to AdVic for help with a marketing overhaul, we emphatically raised our hands to serve. Our in-house marketing team quickly got to work, taking advantage of their Volunteer Time Off, a benefit allowing each employee to spend 40 paid hours volunteering with a nonprofit of their choice. 

For this project, that meant helping BarkVille rebrand its “Be Cool, Adopt” logo, completely rebuilding its website, adding new images and videos, and helping bolster its calls to action for donors, volunteers, fosters, and people searching for their family’s new four-legged sidekick.

The new website will help BarkVille to “envision a compassionate world where all dogs reside in responsible, loving homes and work with area shelters and other rescue groups to develop a network of supporters and volunteers to create a better world for homeless dogs,” co-founder Kim Murphy told us. With 2,100 successful rescues and 1,800 adoptions under their belt, they are optimistic that this marketing refresh will see that number grow in size.

BarkVille Dog Rescue Volunteers

As honored as we were to help BarkVille spread its mission and grow its impact, we also know the dire situation of most public and private dog rescues in Georgia and beyond. If you love pets as much as our team does, consider signing up for a volunteer slot, fostering a rescue, making a donation, or better yet, adopting your new best friend! Groups like BarkVille need your help now more than ever.

As Ms. Murphy so succinctly told us, this work requires “a village of caring people.”

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Volunteerism is just a small part of how AdVic – a Certified B Corporation – gives back to our communities and the world at large. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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