Major Players in the IoT Space, Pt. 3: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In Part 1 of this blog series exploring the big players in the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, we talked about how the “internet of things” refers to a network of objects that have been embedded with software, network connectivity, electronics and sensors, and how Salesforce® is able to integrate with IoT infrastructures to exchange and collect data. Then in Part 2, we discussed the role Microsoft plays in the IoT sphere.

In this blog, we’ll now take a look at how Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined the ranks of IoT solutions. AWS has created an IoT cloud platform that allows devices to connect and interact easily amongst each other, with applications in the cloud and on other devices.

Below are 3 ways that AWS is working to make their IoT features a lot stronger:

1. Device Connectivity and Management

AWS’ IoT setup has massive support capability —“billions of devices and trillions of messages”— as well as the ability to make sure those messages get to where they need to go securely and easily. What’s better is that with AWS, you have the apps at your disposal to communicate with and track each device available, whether they’re connected or not.

Moreover, AWS works with both MQTT (a lightweight protocol for communication designed to communicate intermittently) and HTTP, among other protocols, which allow for even greater communication possibilities.

2. Device Security

Amazon has worked to ensure device security through SigV4 authentication and traditional X.509 certification. Harnessing the internet of things through AWS offers users encryption power across numerous connection points. This means that data is not shared across devices without identity being proven.

Additionally, secure access can be gained using granular permission. To begin a connection, users must have a certificate generated and deployed by a device. This policy eliminates “toy development boards and IoT prototyping platforms.”

3. Device Data

Finally, AWS gives IoT users the power to act upon, filter and transform all of their data whenever and wherever based on the specific rules they define. What’s more, at any time users can update rules whenever a new device needs to be added. AWS customers don’t even need to use the physical device to update the rules.

Cloud computing services, like AWS, are becoming increasingly important for businesses. If your enterprise would like to expand your company’s use of cloud computing and the internet of things, contact Ad Victoriam Solutions.

For an overview on the various IoT solutions offered by Salesforce®, Microsoft and Amazon, bookmark our blog and stay tuned for Part 4 of our ongoing blog series.

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